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Hiya.  I’m Nemmie (that’s me, the cheerful one in pigtails and hipster shoes). This is my teeny spot in the Internet Universe. By day I work in science publishing.  I enjoy taking pictures with my Nikon, reading about celebrities, and dressing my baby up in funny outfits and then creating dance routines for him to perform in them (sorry, Linus).

I am a relunctant health nut, eating healthy stuff (er, most of the time) and hating life on the regular at my local Spin studio (because hellooo, I bake; I even had a baking blog once. A bad one. With terrible photos. Actually don’t go there, forget I mentioned it).

I use this space as a diary to record the stuff my family is doing, all the weird mundane things and the big fun things and the traveling, the whole she-bang. So that some day when I’m 100 years old and have nothing better to do, I can go back through and remember that one time I accidentally fed the newborn a bottle of leftover International Delight Heath Bar coffee creamer. (Sorry again, Linus.)



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