Easter 2018

Life has just been cruising along, and then I realized I have this blog thing and haven’t updated in awhile.  I mean I can give you the same ole song and dance about being so busy and stuff but honestly I just kinda forgot. A lot.


Sorrrrrrry.  But there it is.

This week I am determined to catch up. I mean, maybe.  It finally warmed up and frankly I’d rather be outside so my poor pasty Wisconsin skin can finally feel the sun again.

Anyway! First up: Easter weekend.  Yes, almost a month ago.  Bite me.

Both my children had off school on Good Friday so they spent about half of it laying in my bed scheming against me.






Ugh, that kid will be the death of me.

(Also!  Behold, our beautiful couch!  Which is clearly no longer a couch.

A few weeks before Easter I stared at that ugly, old thing, sagging and falling apart thanks to my horrible children constantly abusing it, and I said to myself: ENOUGH.  Except, bad news: Middleton does not have a free Big Item Pickup Day like Madison, you have to pay to have things hauled away.  But anyway!  That did not deter me; right then on that random Friday night I became a couch killer and I just casually pushed it away from the wall a bit while the children watched Boss Baby for the 27th time, and I coolly dismantled it like a seasoned serial killer.

Ripped off the upholstery, peeled away the padding, wrenched apart the wooden bits, and stacked it neatly in the garbage can (it only overflowed a wee bit).  Scott convinced me to keep the cushions alive, and he stacked them neatly on a spare mattress from the basement storage. I think he was going for practical, bless him, but truthfully it looks like we’re squatters at a drug den.  I am hopeful we find that perfect-vintage-replacement-couch I am super picky about aaaany day now, is what I’m saying.  And please don’t judge our drug den couch in the meantime, pretty please.)

(Also never have kids.)



Ah, yes. It was a chilly weekend so most of the time we stayed indoors.  Which is fine, there’s always lots to do leading up to Easter. Like decorating the eggs.





And rice krispie treats…  Which we did a little different this year, because I bought Peeps way too late and just ran down to the grocery store* at the end of the street and all they had was 2 packages of blue bunnies. Whoops. Also I had a bunch of white dipping chocolate leftover from Christmas so let’s just put that to good use too.

*The grocery store is a Pick ‘n Save but Linus calls it Bake ‘n Serve.  PRESCHOOLERS.  They are good for entertainment, if nothing else.






It was cold as fuuuuuuh (coldest April on record!  Of all time ever!  Not even kidding!) but we went outside anyway because at least there wasn’t any snow, you know? Temps in the 20sF and windy be damned.



Linus and I were on the stomp-rocket-catching team and he was All About That.






And then it was actual real Easter.  As usual, Blue Power Ranger greeted the boys in the morning.



It was cold and dreary so we stayed inside all day and gorged on candy and made elaborate track formations with the train sets.



I swear we eventually got out of the PJs and put on Real Clothes and even had a real meal.  We’ve done KC BBQ the last few years but Scott and I did not feel like BBQing in the winter temps nor did we feel like slaving away over the meal all the damned day, so we made a ham in the oven instead and made a proper Southern Easter meal, with ham on buttered biscuits and Pimento cheese and braised greens and alllll the good stuff.  And I got zero pictures so you don’t even get to see.  SORRY.

Annnnnd yeah. That’s kinda everything on that.  Enjoy, friends.  I hope you had a lovely Easter!  Or Passover! Or whatever you use to greet the spring because YAY WARMTH BRING IT!



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