Early March 2018

You guyyyyyyyyyyys!

It’s been a long time, sorry. This early springtime is always a time when I focus on work (a lot right now, admittedly) and when we’re home I’m deep-cleaning closets and dusty spaces and figuring out what summer stuff I have for the kids and stocking up on clearanced winter gear for next year (clearance Clearance CLEEEEEEARANCE) so it’s all Go Time Yo and also let’s be honest: it’s winter, therefore dark, so picture taking is at the bare minimum.


Winter, ugh.  The worst.

So!  Few pictures, more heads down and getting life stuff figured out because it’s too dark and cold and dreary to do anything else WTF. Which is great and fine and really cathartic, but also: not so interesting.  So that would explain the lack of March updates…

(Also thanks to the Winter Olympics and some Canadian skating snippets I have transitioned from vaguely peripheral appreciative of the Tragically Hip to a full-fledged The Hip Junkie and you guys need to at the very least watch the documentary if you are a music fan and really into that whole 1980s-to-now scene of early grunge-y soulful rock with well-written lyrics scene.)


I… what is happening to me no really.

And in the middle all that, we decided to re-vamp the bedrooms in our house.

(Also in a fit of mid-winter cleaning mental breakdown I randomly threw away our couch on a Friday night NO REALLY BUT IT WAS BOTHERING ME A LOT IT WAS SO OLD AND FALLING APART THANKS TO KIDS so anyway yaaaaay lots of changes! And if you see any decent vintage couches for sale feel free to send a link a sister’s way!)

Anyway.  Bedrooms. The boys got some bunk beds, and a big re-work of their room. A little Twilight Zone, a little X Files, all my favorite things, and thankfully the kids are my minis and love all that weird stuff too.





When looking at wall decals, Pete insisted on some “cool rock” ones he spied on Etsy.  In gold, no less. So their room is this strange marriage of Bigfoot and golden jewels.





(P.S. Moose has recently been bit with the Train Bug that Pete had as a young child, and I’m just glad we didn’t get rid of all the tracks/trains we had because he puts them to good use on the daily.)


The bunk beds are Halle Berry approved.


Part of our reasoning to switch them to bunk beds was also because Linus has a bad habit of sneaking into our room/bed (multiple times per night) and we really hyped up the new beds hoping it would help. Which it has, to a degree. He only comes to our room 50% of the nights now instead of every single night, so: hey.  Progress. Or so I tell myself.

Our bedroom has been a constant evolution it feels like.  We’re kinda into that whole bohemian 70s hippie vibe and I just want it to be super relaxy.  So it’s slowly evolved from that hotel-ish feel that was popular for awhile to being filled with lots of plants, rocks from various trips and vacations, lots of wicker, and a big gallery wall we’re slowly populating with ocean paintings.  It started with mostly vacation landscape photos, which admittedly are great for the mood/nostalgia, but there is just something very soothing about gazing at ocean paintings as you fall asleep/wake up, what a mood booster.  Or maybe because it’s the dream of the land-locked people that we are 😉

Anyway.  Between Craigslist and thrifting and some vintage shops, I’ve half-assed pulled this thing together.  Still some work to do, but we’re really getting there.


bedroom oasis 003

bedroom oasis 001



bedroom oasis 002

Sunning the air plants after a dip.  They have had a rough, long winter this year and I am not sure if a few of them are going to make it to the spring.  THANKS, WISCONSIN.


There is always this point in early March where we say EFF THIS STUFF and just go for a walk in the freezing cold. When we took this one, there were still icy spots and snow chunks everywhere but everything was starting to thaw.  Today in early April as I type this, it’s the middle of a snowstorm and we’re dealing with a late cold snap like a good chunk of this country, BUT STILL.  At this point, it seemed like spring was gonna be there soon.












And that’s all she wrote.  I have at least another 2 posts to finish up you guys!  Off to those soon, and let’s all think warm thoughts.  See you again soon.


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