Update – mid-February 2018

February, you guys, just: ugh.

February is when the reality of winter usually sets in.  Yes, the past several winters have been more mild than usual, but still.  February means winter is really just getting started, so buck up kids, you’ve got several more months of cold and dirty gross and just deal with it.

Except I never want to deal with it.

So!  I always enjoy it when even the small pleasures roll around, and Ice Cream for Breakfast Day is usually the first to lift our spirits. This year we also had a few appointments to fit around the festivities, so it was kinda small on its own. Scott stayed home to put together bunk beds (!!!) and I took the kids solo to have some ice cream and run a few other errands.

_DSC3561 _DSC3549

FYI, Linus got some brightly-colored ice cream and all weekend I had to remind myself that his brightly-colored poops were A-OK it was just food coloring don’t call the pediatrician dude…

_DSC3563 _DSC3566

After breakfast we hit up East Johnson for some Erin time (aka: haircuts for those wild boys). She was booked up solid and running a little behind so we walked around a little and got some coffee/drinks in the ‘hood to blow some time.


Burnie’s Rock Shop FOREVER.

I took the boys to Johnson Public House and it was totally packed and I got them a root beer to share and Peter was making some creepy-ass faces and Linus kept showering everyone around us in root beer when he’d remove his straw from the bottle and KILL ME NOW, JUST TAKE ME AWAY, KIDS ARE THE WORST AND HALP HALP HALP.



(Also?  Every time I stop in here to pick up a bag of beans they offer a free shot of espresso and I accept because I don’t want to look like an uncultured ass but I really don’t know how to properly drink from that teeny tiny espresso cup and I feel awkward and weird when holding it and it’s just the worst, you guys. Espresso is for jerks and tiny perfect hipster babies. I just can’t wrap my brains around it.)


SO ANYHOO.  After coffee/root beer we fled to Erin’s salon where she gave the boys lovely, sweet, perfect hairstyles and then we went outside and it was snowing for the first time in basically 3 years approximately (winters here, dude.   Never seem to happen anymore. IN WISCONSIN).

We goofed and enjoyed all the way back home.

_DSC3583 _DSC3592

_DSC3593bw _DSC3602retro

_DSC3623retro _DSC3627bw

_DSC3637 _DSC3645r

_DSC3674 _DSC3682bw

_DSC3689 _DSC3688


_DSC3692 _DSC3693


I am slowly getting their bedroom in order and it is the slowest process ever.

Remember how I said winters have been lame lately? Well, we finally got a few semi-decent snowfalls. Once they even called a Snow Day, even though it wasn’t really that bad really. But hey, I am not one to complain, so I took it in stride and we stayed home and I stocked the freezer. Two batches of marinara, and three batches of pizza dough.  MONEY.


Linus, as usual, was my sous chef.

_DSC3897 _DSC3912bw

We also made some Stars with Butter and Parm for lunch that day because it is basically his most favorite meal evar and if you ever need a new easy lunch in your back pocket, this is the one for you.

_DSC3929 _DSC3947

_DSC3976 _DSC3985

He has the squarest face, you guys.

Also lately: I’ve been making some plant updates. I love my plant babies, but some have been thriving in their places while others have been doing less so, some needed re-potting, so it’s been a lot of moving and re-potting and cutting back and propagating a few plant babies, etc. etc.  I know it’s winter and not the best time for that sort of thing, but hey what the plants want, they want.

_DSC4001 _DSC3992



Peter and I had a few Discussions (aka arguments) about the bedroom redesign for him and Linus.  I wanted more space!  Planets!  Or a Twilight Zone vibe.  Peter, instead, went the way of rocks and gems “and like they are floating in an asteroid belt by the planets” so I just ended up ordering both gems/rocks AND some sasquatch/trees and whatever I give up parenting is hard yo.


Also we got some more snow. Every night lately. Not a bad thing but kind funny because we haven’t had this kind of weather in years, not like that deters Linus the Moose.  That kid is a snow  bunny and it’s hard to drag him in from the weather, no matter the low temps.


_DSC3726 _DSC3731

_DSC3744 _DSC3769


_DSC3802 _DSC3807


In other news: Peter killed his beloved Pikachu pajamas, he jammed the zipper to the point that they didn’t work anymore, so that was the saddest thing to ever happen (at least to poor Peter).

_DSC4032 _DSC4055bw


Thankfully, at least I got a few pictures on that last night they were in existence.  We are trying our hardest to find a new pair online, so there’s that…

That’s all I have for now, early February!  Stay tuned for next week, when I expect we’ll keep you abreast of all of the Valentine’s Day happenings.  Until then, friends…


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