Update, January 2018 Style

WORST BLOGGER EVAR AWARD.  I’ve been MIA a lot lately, and there’s a variety of reasons.  Like, hey:

(1) Did I mention my job slightly changed?  It slightly (kinda majorly) changed. I still have the managing editor gig, but the journal I’ve worked on for the past five years sold themselves to a big publisher. Thankfully, my employer saw me as valuable, so now I still work for them and just have a new journal with them in hand.  So now I’m fully engulfed in the world of agro-science and that’s been (happily) taking up a big part of my time as I learn all the ins and outs.

(2) The deep-winter time is always when I do the deep-cleaning of the house, so I’ve been scouring closets and the playroom and basement storage and  carting off trunk-loads to St. Vinnys. I’d say this has cleared out the overflow of the house but in reality it just made room for Current Stuff stacked everywhere, soooo… Hey whatever, baby steps.

(3) IT’S THAT MAGICAL TIME OF YEAR WHERE EVERYONE IS SICK ALL THE TIME.  We did a pretty darn good job of avoiding everything until the past 3-ish weeks, since then it’s been nonstop colds and “flu light” (which I’ll gladly take over the flu going around this year).  I don’t really feel like blogging when I need to be incessantly blowing my nose instead.

(4) In the end: admittedly, when I do have some downtime, I do actually go through any photos I’ve taken, but I do so in the comfort of my favorite living room chair, with my feet propped up on an ottoman and with a fire a’raging in the fireplace and something good on the television (thus far this winter I’ve been rolling through The Leftovers, The Good Place, and the new season of The X-Files).


(Accurate representation of every evening in 2018 thus far.)

ANYHOO.  Here’s the January highlights…

We ran to Milwaukee one weekend.  The boys decided they wanted to go to the Milwaukee Public Museum, and it happened to be the same weekend as the anniversary of the Women’s March.  The Milwaukee Women’s March this year happened to be scheduled ONE BLOCK from the museum we planned to hit up, and I mean: When it’s that convenient, how could we not… So  the night before we made some signs, tossed them in the trunk, and decided we’d play it by ear. We got to Milwaukee about an hour before the speeches were due to start, so we hit the museum first to blow some time.  Once we had our armbands we were welcome to come and go as we pleased, so it was kinda perfect for our day.


Peter the rock junkie insisted on hitting up the rocks/minerals first.







Then we hustled the kids out for some speeches and marchin’ and all that good stuff.


Our signage contributions:




So uhhhhh.  The speeches were great but they went WAY over the time estimated.  I brought some snacks and took Linus on a few walks around but it was still pretty darn hairy for the last hour of standing, Peter was legit crying because he was feeling so claustrophobic in the crowd near the end, and I was only wearing slip-on shoes so my feet were not just numb but doing that throbbing-pain thing (even though I was hopping/stomping them to keep them alive) so uh.  Yeah.  When the time came to march, we were ready TO MARCH YO.














The march ended at the Wisconsin Center.  We went in to the use the bathrooms and warm up, then ran on back to the museum to finish the fun.


I mean, as much as you can call creepy creeper upstairs twins staring at you to be fun.


Pete always loves the German dude and asked me to get a picture of him peering from the opposite window…


Moose + moose.


The butterfly room! I got way more pictures in here but (as is my jam) I accidentally reformatted my memory card before getting them all off of there, whoops. So!  Linus and I spent a lot of time in here, stalking butterflies.  Linus had one land on his knee and hang for awhile, although he was bummed it never moved to his open, loving hand.



And that’s all I gots (even though we did more and I lost all those pictures, sorrrrrrrrry).

After museum-ing and marching we rewarded ourselves with a quick refreshment stop at Lakefront Brewery.






Hey so I should mention the saddest thing of all: Scott and I, we were doing this keto thing through the month of January (I mean, keto aside from the occasional One Beer Limit on the weekends because SORRY I AM NOT MOTHER THERESA MMMKAY) and anyway: the only thing on the menu that seemed acceptable to our diet was this $12 meat/cheese board thing.  And, behold!  The bounty of the $12 meat/cheese board thing!


That would be: a few bites of smoked salmon, 4 small pieces of maple fudge (not something we were allowed to consume on keto, FYI), 5 little cubes of cheese, and in the far back were 3 tightly-rolled slices of pastrami.

That was it.  That was our lunch.  Twelve dollars. WHAT THE FORK, MAN. Meanwhile Linus was still whispering sweet nothings to the World’s Largest Pretzel.



Pete meanwhile abandoned his pretzel in favor of playing with the museum souvenirs.



So then we finished our beloved beers and sodas and pretzels and keto-friendly nibbles and off we went back home.


Smell ya later, MKE.


And there you go.  January, you done.  Time to move on to February…


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