December 2017, Part I



And I am still sorting through images when I have that rare quiet hour in the evenings to get my own wants and needs taken care of…  Um, ouch, that sounds awfully martyr-y and whiny, sorry. I love those bums I call my children! They are just your typical little-kids handful these days so I’m not exactly swimming in blogging time.  And that’s okay.  But also a wee bit frustrating sometimes.  But also, I’ll live.  I guess.  For now.


ANYWAY. I need to get some December stuff out of the way before I tackle all that Kansas trip stuff.  So: heeeeeeey, have at some December happenings.

We did the usual gingerbread house decorating, and the boys continued their time-honored tradition of spending all of December sneakily picking off bits of the OLD DRIED UP STALE CANDY off of the gingerbread house and then EATING IT, so that by the time Christmas rolled around the thing was bare.  Ew.




We also drove to Stoughton to take in the annual firetruck holiday parade.  It was so warm this year!  No hats/mittens necessary!  Insanity.



Dinner at Vik’s before the parade is always a must.




I love Vik’s because they usually have someone walking around handing out treats.  Sometimes traditional Norwegian snacks, sometimes just your usual sorts of treats.  We got holiday sugar and gingerbread cookies this go around and they were sooooooooo yuuuuummmeh.


Popping outside mid-meal to greet the parade…












After the parade we ran back in, finished up our meal, and before we left Vik let the boys run the smoke machine on the dragon.


That place is the best.

So then we joined the others outside, and walked down to the fire station.  All the firetrucks park outside behind the firehouse, and they let you wander around and enjoy all the lights.  The side of the firehouse also has a nice light display set to music that you can check out while you are there as well.













And then inside the firehouse there’s music, cookies, and Santa.



TWO BAGS OF COOKIES FOR ME CAN’T BEAT THAT.  We hit up the Stoughton St. Vinnys on our way out of town and called it a day.  And that’s probably all the holiday junk you need up in your face today, we’ll handle the rest in another post.  Stay warm, friends.  More later.


Peace out.


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