Kansas Trip 2016, Part III

And away we go, final part guys!  Our final leg of our Kansas trip is always spent in south-central Kansas, about 3 hours from Pittsburg.  We do a lot of driving when we visit Kansas…



First stop: Halstead, where my in-laws reside.  They live outside of town on about an acre of land, part of the original old family farm.  The kids loooooove exploring there.



They love to explore until it gets really windy and Peter wonders aloud if the roof is blowing off and both kids freak the eff out.





Some play during the parade…



And off we went to Aunt Arnita and Uncle Bus’ for Thanksgiving.  They too live on a hunk of land and there’s lots to see and explore there as well.





Some log splitting…





And then it was Turkey time.  Linus was primed and ready to eat.







Post dinner fighting off the tryptophan…







And then, for my most favorite part of the day: the bonfire in the evening.  So lovely!














And that’s it for the turkey day.

Black Friday in Wichita forever holds a sweet place in my heart. This year Scott and I got some good coffee, spent an hour and $80 at the Nifty Nut House, did some light shopping, then celebrated our spoils with lunch at The Anchor and some mural chasing.












Wichita street art





There’s a lot of good coffee and art to be found in Wichita, friends.

After our day we headed back to share leftovers with the kids.  Linus was only interested in one thing.  And it was not the food.



He just wants the coffee.




That’s one happy child.

The next morning we started getting ready to leave pretty early (had a long day of driving ahead), but I couldn’t help but get a picture of the early morning from my in-law’s front lawn.  Throw on some quality country music and tell me that’s not pretty darn perfect.



And away we go.

We made a pit stop in KC to see more friends as we came through, some beers and snacks and catching up is just what we needed to send us off in good spirits.  I miss those faces.



Yep, there’s my bridge again.  I am excited to see all these things again, every last bit.  Have a good rest of your week, friends.  More fun to come soon.


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