Kansas Trip 2016, Part I

So I just realized I blogged exactly nothing from our trip to Kansas last year, which is CRAY-ZAY.  I think because I always have just so. many. pictures., it’s quite the undertaking to sort it all out and upload.  So I’m sharing the most favorite of the bunch split up into 3 posts; it’s gonna be long but trust: it could be three times longer.

Also just a pro tip: don’t buy chocolate frosted doughnuts for breakfast in the car.

_DSC6904 You probably already knew that though.

Anyway. We stopped the car on the side of the road, cleaned everyone and all surfaces of chocolate frosting, and drove drove drove.


_DSC6919 _DSC6960


First stop of note is always Dubuque.  Pretty little river city, it marks when we officially cross out of Wisconsin, and makes a decent potty stop.


_DSC6942 Sorry, those pictures don’t do the town much justice. I’ll try harder this year.

Next stop of note is always Des Moines!  Des Moines marks the halfway point in our drive, and is generally a good time to stop for a long, leisurely lunch. This year we hit up El Bait Shop. It’s big and loud, which is perfect when you’re dragging around two kids that have been trapped in a car unable to move for 5-ish hours.  Also the food is fine and the beer selection is killer.



Moose sighting.


You can split wing orders between 2 sauces which is perfect when you have kids that hate the heat.

_DSC7018 _DSC7025

_DSC7031 _DSC7032

Secret bathroom sticker art from Chicago-based art projects.

_DSC7035 _DSC7092

_DSC7079 _DSC7086

_DSC7066 It was freezing; it’s been a year but I still remember the biting cold (probably in the ‘teens and windy) but we had them run a few laps before heading back to the car, to get the energy out.

Oh!  And I almost forgot, but: we ran into a pretty impressive grass fire on the way.  Pretty sure it wasn’t an intentional prairie fire.  Whoops.



Still a’driving.


Finally we hit KC.

_DSC7111 _DSC7119

_DSC7135 _DSC7156


First order of business, as usual: BBQ.



_DSC7210 _DSC7209

OMG all so good.  I cannot wait for BBQ, guys.  ANYHOO.  We retired to our hotel room in KC and jumped on some beds for a solid hour and CHILDREN OMG YOU GUYS.


The next day was brunch with friends.  The kids fell right into that comfortable cousin-ly way of acting as only kids can.

I miss my friends.

Soon, friends.


_DSC7282 _DSC7288bw

_DSC7294bw _DSC7309

I still have that beautiful work of Dixie-plate art.

After reluctant good-byes, we made a quick stop to Larryville, because Larry Forever.  I love that town, it really Gets Me, I love coming back it’s like a big old hug. Scott and I still say we’ll retire there, shitty weather and all. It’s cheap and genuine and quirky. I mean…


_DSC7332 _DSC7340 _DSC7370


_DSC7377 _DSC7399

_DSC7404 _DSC7410








_DSC7475 _DSC7455

_DSC7464 _DSC7519

_DSC7524 _DSC7532jc

_DSC7536 _DSC7541

_DSC7548 _DSC7564

_DSC7566 _DSC7577

One last stop on our way out of town: Munchers.  It looks so different since the remodel; I kinda miss the crazy 70s-esque mess it was before, but at least the doughnuts haven’t changed.  (Thank baby Jesus.)

_DSC7612 _DSC7613

_DSC7621 _DSC7632


And then we were off. Look out, Pittsburg, I’m bringing a few crazy punks.


(So I’ll continue actual Pitt time in a separate post, but as a spoiler: my parents took our late arrival with two crazy kids in tow in stride, presenting us with a well stocked cheese tray and glasses of wine at our arrival. #muzzyanddadwinatlife)



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