Halloween Nonsense 2017

Hallo-weeeeeeen!  We survived it.  It was typically chilly-ish and Peter didn’t have a cool-weather-appropriate costume so I made him pick something from The Reserves for our first outing.

While there, some random kid nearby was like, did you want to be a taco?

Peter: “no.  My mom made me.”

Random kid’s dad: cracks up

I mean sure, yeah, but IN MY DEFENSE: he picked this from his options, and it worked over a jacket. Soooooo I mean: fine, okay I bought the taco costume because it was hilarious.  BUT IN THE END HE PICKED IT FROM SEVERAL OPTIONS SO STOP THROWING ME UNDER THE BUS FOR YOUR DECISIONS, KID.

_DSC8652 _DSC8661

(The picture below is the only one that shows what he actually wanted to be, This Particular YouTube Blogger, not only obscure but also not exactly appropriate for wearing outside in an actual setting.  So I mean but: sorry, kid.  This is your own darn fault though tbh.)

thriller squad


_DSC8660 _DSC8668

Anyway!  The kids, they were a taco and a lion (with a pleather jacket? Whatever) when we did our first batch of outdoor Trick or Treating, and that’s all cool.

_DSC8678 _DSC8682

_DSC8679 _DSC8686

Those Stormtroopers were commenting on how good a taco sounded right about then…

_DSC8695 _DSC8698


I could not stop taking pictures of a giant taco doing normal things and I’m sorry but that just is what it is okay. _DSC8728

Do you see this Santa kid? Okay I ran into this family at the zoo and all I have to say is: any kid that requests to be Santa for Halloween (and this kid was OWNING IT, waving very professionally and doling out sage Santa-ish sound bites) is a total bad ass child, mmkay?  I was in awe. Best costume that day hands down.


Directly after our zoo Halloween adventure we did our usual and hit up Monroe Street.


The dudes at Pizza Brutta were clearly excited to see me taking pictures while we Trick-or-Treated in their restaurant…


The Chocolate Shoppe handed out free cones to all their Trick or Treaters!  There was no out-doing that, so we enjoyed our cones and checked out the rest of what the Monroe Street hood had to offer.


_DSC8784bw _DSC8793


Including a quick stop at TJs as long as we were in the ‘hood…


And then, it was Halloween.  It was chilly, yes again.  And we knew we were stuck outside, so sorry bud: Denis Daily was getting the shaft yet again.  Except, Pete was Over It as far as the taco costume was concerned. So I ran him up to the nearest Target (and when I say “ran”, I am not kidding, I gave him a 5-minutes-or-less time restraint to find an alternate costume) and he ended up with a ninja warrior something or another. Whatever.  He loved it with all his heart and it fit over his jacket/pants so that’s all we required.

_DSC8841 _DSC8844


This was the Magical Year for Linus as far as Trick or Treating.  He could not believe that not only did he only have to say “Trick or Treat” and “Thank you” to get treats, but he could find all the plentiful neighbors participating just by looking for porch lights.  He skipped and danced and sang his way down the street down every last block of the evening.  MAGICCCCCCC!


_DSC8868 _DSC8876

_DSC8871 _DSC8883


I love this house.  Pure 50s/60s goodness, and every year I take a picture of that house pretending I am taking a picture of my kids.  Whatever.


And that’s October, friends!  And here it is, halfway through November and all I have to show for it is about 5 tons of anxiety and myself behind on house-cleaning and taking care of a desperately sick 8-year-old while trying to finish up December issues at work and deal with prepping for a Kansas trip.  NO BIG THANG.

See you again soon, friends.  Promise this time.  Because I have a year’s worth of Kansas pictures to finally post 😉

Peace to all, friends.


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