Week in Review – the rest of August 2017

Hey guys. Here’s some Pete.







Gotta grab photos of that kid when he’s willing, you know?

So!  Rest of August, like as in last month! I went to a friend’s birthday party, which meant hanging out with ~30 people I did not know, most of whom mostly spoke Spanish, but my weirdy introvert self got over the awkwardness of it all and actually had a good time, even made some new friends and stuff, SO THERE. So: there.  Take that, weird stuttery awkward Nemmie.




Yes, those are exactly what they look like. Sorry mom and dad.

The 2nd level view wasn’t The Worst.








Then all those badass ladies started jumping off the boat.  My people. (And I mean that as: my people, who are braver than me, because I could not bring myself to jump NO WAY I DON’T WANT TO DIE.)













No makeup and looks not a day older than 30.  Those genes, guys.


Yeah that was so much fun.

The week after that party it was the start of preschool. Yay, preschool. So good for Linus, so bad for the pocketbook (goodbye, money).  Same spot where Pete went, though, so well worth the cost.

Anyhoo. First day = doughnuts.  Except he was more into the cupcakes at that hour, so FINE breakfast cupcakes it was.

_DSC6213 _DSC6219

He was decidedly Okay about this whole preschool thing.  “Okay” might be a bit optimistic actually.

_DSC6224 Thankfully he perked up a bit by the time we found his locker.  It’s been a mild struggle for him thus far, but I have faith._DSC6237

SOO. What else, what else… So we had some ice cream treats one time when my camera was around…

_DSC6257 _DSC6255


And then there was this one afternoon, where Linus and I found ourselves alone and home and bored, so we went for a ride down to the trail near our house. And then it proceeded to rain all over us.  Thankfully I was able to talk him out of bringing his beloved Sammy along, so we were able to stow him safely away in the garage before heading out.


Sam the Sloth

And away we go.


_DSC6293 _DSC6337

Linus has been practicing his Wink something fierce and he’s rather proud of it.  It’s, uh. Something.

Wink 2 _DSC6331

Wink _DSC6350

_DSC6385 _DSC6406

_DSC6414 _DSC6417

_DSC6419 _DSC6433

That’s it for now, kids. I have some pictures from a recent trip to Chicago (UGH, omg just wait until I tell you ALL about that little trip, guys…) so I’ll get those up next. Promise.

Have a lovely week friends, I hope you are all enjoying your last wisps of summer like we are.  40Fs in the mornings be damned, there’s still sun and sometimes a temp hitting 70F, a lady can pretend it means winter is nothing more than a far-away dream…


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