Week in Review – 3 July

Oh hai finally at the computer again what’s up.


So you won’t believe this, buuuut… I had this whole giant post on the 4th extended weekend but it was HUGE, you guys, like it took 10 minutes just to upload it all to Flickr, so I split it into two and will post the other part another day.

You’re welcome.


Soooo first off: we had some strong storms last week, on a weeknight even, and it was strong enough that we turned off our usual evening dance party mix and turned on the local news instead.

Pete got pretty anxious about it, and hey I have my own issues with bad storms, so once a tornado warning was called for our county (for an area well south of us, so we were fine, just to be clear, also a measly F1),  anyway he was antsy enough that the boys and I moved on down to the basement to hang until the storms blew over.  I get serious tornado anxiety so I get it, my son.  Let’s just go downstairs to hang and call it good.

_DSC0032 _DSC0044

FYI then I kept him out of the view of my camera, mostly because he was dressed in his favorite summer outfit: just his underpants.  DUDES UGH. At what age do they get past the constant need to be practically nude to be comfortable?  Is it really adulthood (or EVER)?  So obnoxious.


Also! See those couple of boxes of  kid clothes?  I had a cleaning bug that hit me hard that evening, and grew to epic proportions by the weekend.  You just wait and see…


Even Halle Berry came down to hang!  She actually loves it down here, I think in part because she can avoid Linus when he’s being especially handsy.  That and there’s a ratty old chair down there she loves to nap in.



Never a dull moment in this house. So anyway, no tornadoes came our way (thank the LORD) so that brings us to the weekend. And some farmer’s market action.


I am a mean mom and only paid for one smoothie.  They were able to work it out.


Can you find the monster sticker from my MOKA to-go coffee…


So many goodies this time of year.

_DSC0156 _DSC0099

_DSC0102 _DSC0108

_DSC0101 _DSC0104


Always gotta get the potato doughnuts.


_DSC0113 _DSC0155

I wanted a loaf of spicy-cheese bread from Stella’s, it’s been a long time since we got one, but then I got distracted by the spicy-cheese empanadas and what can I say. The dude who helped me grabbed one and a huge chunk of cheese came with it and he told me I was the Big Winner of the weekend with that one.  NO LIE DUDE.


(And yes, I still got a loaf of bread. There’s still a small chunk left and I will probably hit that after I get done typing all this out.  REWARD, MOFOS.)


The kids were beyond wired and took to running up and then down the lawn of the capitol.  Later Linus confided that “running down the Hill was kinda scary for me”.  YOU DON’T SAY.


Cannot stop laughing at his face.



Linus also insisted we go inside to explore and let me be honest: it was hot AF that weekend, and the building is air-conditioned, so that was a no-brainer.


_DSC0222 _DSC0224

_DSC0229 _DSC0241

So what else consumed our time over the weekend?  Lots of kitty snuggles.


Scott took assessment of the freezer contents and found enough chicken bones to make 4 batches of stock.  He then made 2 batches and is getting to 2 more soon (ish). That’s enough for now to get us through like 8 ramen-bowl nights and that’s good enough for me.


You guys, I was not kidding about getting the Bug to Clean The Basement Storage.  Three trips to St. Vinny’s dropping off car-loads of contents, plus clothes-bombing friends/coworkers with old baby clothes, and I think I’m done. I emptied 23 boxes (!!). I had more junk just languishing in our storage than I realized, embarrassingly.

Oh and also: I just realized CSI is on Hulu.  I marathoned that thing while I worked through all those boxes.  I forgot how much I loved that show, and how bad the fashion was in the early 2000s.  Poor Jorja Fox, she got stuck with some serious bad outfits.



Pete has a lovely baby book.  I bought this thing that holds like 250 pictures and I spend many an evening NARROWING DOWN the photos I had of his first year, like only the professional pictures taken even, and it was full to the brim.  Linus has an identical book, and it has been empty.  I mean, until now.  My dear friend Leslie finished her daughter’s book and that pushed me to finally order photos for Linus’ book. So that was another big item checked off the checklist.


Amidst the cleaning and organizing and other things: we took time out to hit up the new Olbrich biergarten.

_DSC0253 _DSC0285

Shoes: awesome yard drink coasters.

_DSC0258 _DSC0269


Totally looks like Adam Driver in that thing.


YOU GUISE. These cookies, they are the shizz.  My friend Julie sent the recipe to me and she always has solid suggestions.  The kids ate about 1/4 of the dough before I could bake it off, and they are still talking about the final product.  Hell, I am still thinking fondly of those little cookie bites. Solid cookie recipe.

_DSC0277 _DSC0281

True Wisconsinite.  Can’t get enough cheese.


Peter is hitting EMO age. He got upset with something we said/did and had to go off to have some alone time.  He ended up dancing it out, and then walking the shoreline, and all is okay now. I probably will be blogging less about this kid, sooner than I’d like to admit.


_DSC0353 _DSC0355

_DSC0386 _DSC0393bw

_DSC0396 _DSC0394bw

Sweet bubs.

Okay that’s all for today.  More to come in a few days, babes.  See you again soon.



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