Week in Review – the rest of June, 2017

June was a little nuts, to be honest I’m still a little shocked that we’re staring at July already.  And our July and August are pretty darn busy at this point.  So I know it’s all just going to go by in a flash. UGH!  Summer why are you so crazy/hectic, in that summery relaxing-y kind of way? It’s a little obnoxious, really.


Lately I’ve been working on organizing our basement storage, which is a hell of a project and I hope my friends and nearby thrift stores are prepared for the onslaught of old baby clothes/random household items/assorted junk coming your way.

The tent will have to remain, though, or my kids will be really unhappy.

Urban camping. _DSC9816

Finally saw Moana (thanks, Netflix).  Pretty cute! Good job, Disney!  Much better than Frozen, too, THANK THE LORT.

Our CSA was greens-heavy this week, and also had a lot of things I don’t usually cook with.  I mean don’t get me wrong, I enjoy those pickled garlic scapes and that Alice Waters green-garlic spaghetti, but there’s only so much one person can take.  So this time I used the recipes included in the CSA newsletter, which used up tons of it without me having to think too much.  Awesome.

So I made garlic-scape pesto (as a bonus: freezeable, which is exactly where this batch went)…

CSA bounty recipe 2

And kohlrabi/Swiss chard/zucchini fritters, that we ate up topped with fried eggs and a lemon aoili (with a touch of the pesto stirred in).

CSA bounty recipe

CSA Bounty recipe #1

And the strawberries were so ripe that they weren’t going to make it long, so I topped them with goat cheese, honey, and some chopped pistachios.  Then I ate the entire bowl myself (oink).

CSA Bounty recipe #3

It was a great breakfast.  We also made a huge lemon/kale/avocado/salad-turnip salad, and have been eating big salads at every meal since.  Almost through it all, OMG.  I forgot the salad-greens bounty of June. It’s… a bit overwhelming.

In other news: a new taproom has opened in town, and it’s pretty amazing.  Funk Factory Geuzeria is in the business of sours, glorious sours, which are pretty time-consuming (we’re talking years to finish) but oh so worth it. For the opening weekend they had a variety of meerts [a style made from the 2nd runnings of Lambics, and a beer that (1) takes much less time to make and (2) is a very low alcohol volume (2-3%), making it a nice all-day sipper].

So off we went to sample some meerts and check out the new space. It was busy when we got there and we have kids, so: we beelined for the back patio area and chilled there.  We got samples of the plain, cranberry, cherry, and peach.  All tasty, although the cranberry was the best by far.

Funk Factory Geuzeria - grand opening.



We found Groot in their fence.


vans 4ever

Peeking in the barrel hole

Donkey Kong

The boys had a soda sampling of their own.  Along with a glorious, gooey mess of pulled-pork nachos (god bless food trucks).

Soda tasting alongside beer tasting

Dirty moose

FFG Opening Weekend



See that weird trailer below? It’s called a coolship: a mobile tank you drive on out into the forest, fill the upper tank with your wort, and leave overnight to get the good ferment going. Brewing sours is some crazy stuff.

The Funk Tank

Nice bathroom signage.

FFG bathroom


And then some stormy clouds started blowing in so off we went back home. I am sure we’ll be back a million times, though.  A good place to spend a sunny afternoon for sure.

Punk #1

Punk #2

summer storms

That’s about all I have to share to end the month, other than a little bit of Linus in action. The kid loves to create accidents with his myriad of toy cars/trucks/vehicles. Or like here, with some of our Mold-O-Rama wax figures.  There is a reason we have to get a new fleet of them every time we go to the museums, and that is: Linus the Destroyer.

Chicken Nugget

Mold-O-Rama playtime

Catch y’all in July.


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