Week in Review – Random June Bits

Hi it’s been awhile.  Welcome to your somewhat-vaguely-regular photo dump, people.

I have some June catching up to do, so catch up I will. First off: dance season officially gears up in early June, and the first big weekend is that of dance rehearsal.  Behold, the madness that is the auditorium preparing for finale rehearsal at 8am.


Can’t even capture half of it in a picture.  This year not only did I participate as Dance Parent (for Linus’ class), but Scott also hopped in and joined up as Dance Parent for Pete’s class.  Keepin’ it in the family, folks.

Anyway: finale practice is usually the worst of it, lots of lining up and waiting Waiting WAITING, which (understandably) is pretty darn hard for 3-to-5-year-olds.  Still, my kids did pretty good.  Linus took a couple hits of coffee while we waited.


I prided myself on bringing some “find and see” books because that kept all the boys busy for at least 10 minutes.  Ish.  Maybe.  Okay they were still antsy, but those books legit kept them occupied for a short blessed bit of it.


This is about half of the group.  The theme for the boy dances this year was “The Arcade”, and this class got Angry Birds.


Baby ballerinas!


All the birdies getting ready to fly.







I mean, yeah. They killed it like only a rag-tag group of preschoolers can do.

Once done I made sure all the birdies were collected and then Linus and I bid Scott/Peter adieu and hit the road.  We had some time to blow until we had to be back, so we did a bit of window-shopping on State Street and grabbed a smoothie snack.

And yeah, I couldn’t help myself but get a picture when I saw the Linus bikes outside a shop.





Eventually we wandered back to the theater, and were able to catch Pete’s dance rehearsal.



After that we had a decent break and all decided to go to lunch. I can’t remember the spot we hit up, some beer-themed place (Mr. Brews or House of Brews or some such thing).  Food was okay, beer selection was insanely, unnecessarily large, and the boys were happy to get some grub and appreciative to get out of the theater for a bit.

Pete had a bloody-nose incident in their lounge area, he came to get me very freaked out.  “I sneezed, and it was bad” he told me, nose still oozing blood.  I went over to the lounge corner and NO KIDDING KID.  Blood spatter on the wall, on the floor, grossness everywhere.  As someone who used to love CSI, I could professionally place where he was and the rate he projected when the nose explosion happened.  ANYWAY.  He did the pinch/head-tilt and eventually the bleeding stopped and I did a lot of emergency-mommy-clean-up with cheap napkins in that lounge area and what I’m saying is NEVER HAVE KIDS, essentially.


And then we headed back to get changed and wait for the all-boy-dance rehearsal.


Whoops, I think I put his shoes on the wrong feet. Oh well.

They took all the boys up well ahead of time and as usual: mass chaos.




And then we were, blessedly: DONE.  We went home, and I accepted my reward.


We had the actual recital the following week, and this is the only picture I took in-between. I am not sure why or why I’m even sharing it but there you go.


(Oh wait I lie, I took a picture of this evergreen tree that is in my direct line of sight from the office workout room. I love this tree because it looks like it’s flying the bird from 20 different limbs. YOU GO GIRL.  TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL.)

The Bird Tree

Anyway.  On to actual real recital time!  I packed a suitcase in the trunk of the car this year.  I have seen other families do this in the past, and while they probably have 5 costume changes and hair stuff and makeup and whatever and essentially a terrible need for such a thing: I still say it was a lovely idea to steal from them, because I had to pack toys, books, and other distractions for a group of preschoolers, as well as snacks for preschoolers and the other kids in our room, so yeah.  Well worth bringing a suitcase in addition to the costume stuff.


The anatomy of the trunk of a dance family

I went ahead with the boys to get them both there on time, while Scott stayed back to drive his parents in later to watch.

Dance Day


This was my little corner of the room.  If you have ever wondered how a dance parent survives, this picture explains it all.  A security sticker to get into the back room, coffee, costumes, costume accessories, toys to keep kids occupied (sorry to the kid who lost a Slinky that day), snacks to keep kids occupied, and wine to keep me sane…

Dance Mom essentials

I turned away from a small group of my kids for a few minutes to handle a sad crying kidlet, and what happens? They wander off behind a partition to find a water cooler and proceed to act like they are a group of frat kids that found a hidden keg at a college party.  GAWD.


Somehow we all got through the day and I was really bad about getting pictures of my kids together/in costume/with their teachers (the curse of the dance parent) but I did indeed get a picture of each of them passed out and clutching their dance-anniversary bears.  So there is that.

(Only sharing a picture of Linus because 8-year-olds probably don’t appreciate that sort of picture shared on the Internet.)


The grandparents were visiting so that was fun too.  Lots of running around to different shops and getting spoiled silly.  BTW they bought both of the boys those patriotic sunglasses and they are about as badass as it gets.


Also I made a charcuterie tray and took a picture and here you go enjoy.  Sharing like this is my Instagram or some shizz.


That’s all for now, punks.  Other than the news that Linus and I are not morning people, but that should surprise NO ONE.  Our daycare is on vacation this week and the temporary daycare we found is farther away and therefore means getting up/leaving 20 minutes earlier in the mornings.  SO RUDE.  We are not feeling that nonsense.

Not morning people.

I plan to get one more post out before July and I mean it this time, guys. Look for it.  Pinky swears.


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