Week in Review – 11 June 2017

This child…


My sweet one. More on him later.

These pictures are OOOOOLD, I am warning you.  I haven’t had much time for blogging and these are from late May, when the lilacs were lovely and in bloom in these parts. They are kind of my favorite and always remind me of my mama.

I had that SoCal work trip but was sure to get some lilac pictures done before I left, because they certainly don’t stick around for long… _DSC7352




Also that might be my most favorite picture of Peter yet.

When I got back from my trip we went to Chicago, and then work was a shitshow of catch-up (sorry for the swearing but it’s true, also if you know me you know that’s the norm, so #sorrynotsorryactually).  And then it was suddenly, quickly the weekend again!  And Wonder Woman was in theaters, so I snapped up tickets for Pete and I and let me tell you: it was awesome. Peter talked about it for 2 weeks afterwards.  If it’s still playing in your parts, you must make a trip to see it. If only for the historical context; WWI and all that trench warfare was some hardcore stuff.


And on that note: while you are at it: 8 movies to see after you see Wonder Woman

I mean not all WWI, but some good recommendations nonetheless.  As I get older I am turning into a total history nerd and I think those are all pretty good recommendations.

So we blew through the weekend and next thing you know: Pete is 8, eight, like EIGHT.  How do I have a child this OLD?  Why is he still so cool?  This is all a huge mystery to me.

We decorated all Roblox style in his honor.  He seemed okay with that.


The usual Birthday Doughnuts.  I got up super early to sneak away and buy those. There had been a plant explosion in a small town not far from Madison, and this particular doughnut shop was donating funds to the victims that day, which was beautiful and amazing but also meant at that ungodly hour, the news vans were all there and the newscasters were doing live feeds and there I was: in my ratty sleep shorts, a beat up t-shirt, and dirty hair, ordering doughnuts and trying to hide my face from the cameras.  HORRIFYING.  I survived though and I dont’ think my face was ever on the news so I hope no one noticed me in my half asleep state.

Also it was so early in fact that I got home, showered and got ready for work, got bored of waiting, and then laid in bed for awhile until he finally got up for the day.  AND THIS WAS STILL A NORMAL SCHOOL/WORK DAY, so it’s not like errrbody got up late.  Next time I gotta time that better.



That evening after work/school/daycare, we hit up Pete’s restaurant of choice (Roman Candle, naturally) and ordered whatever his heart desired, which included chicken wings.  It was a total pig out.

After that we did cake, presents, and the smashing of the pinata (we named him Donnie, seemed appropriate for a clown).


_DSC9224 _DSC9238

_DSC9242 _DSC9244

_DSC9252 _DSC9289

_DSC9297 _DSC9311

_DSC9333 _DSC9356

_DSC9437 _DSC9561

That’s it for today yo.  More to come soon, I’m a’prepping several goodies for all y’all (that’s y’all for 10 or more people, which I might get 11 readers, so IT TOTALLY COUNTS).


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