Week in Review – Mother’s Day 2017

Hiiiiiiiieyyyy!  Here I am!  Updating late on a Sunday for the first time in a long time.  Give me my medal already.  Are you ready to dive into my boredom of a week?  Okay here we go.

So… work  is nuts so I’m just jumping into non-work-related junk.

This weekend the boys had some all-boys dance practice.  After that there was parent-training for the spring performance.  Scott and I are both officially Dance Parents (me for Linus’ class and Scott for Pete’s class). I made Scott go to parent training class since I’ve already been through it twice.  But since we had already been at the studio for a good chunk of the morning, I then just took the kids out for popsicles (paletas) from a nearby Mexican treats storefront. Pete got his favorite from there, grape; Linus got some pink/blue concoction, and I got the fruit with chile.  All good.  I drove back to the studio and we enjoyed our treats on the lawn while we waited for dad.


All good.  Then I made the mistake of asking Peter for a small nibble of his beloved grape paleta. I was super careful and took the smallest of nibbles, but alas: it immediately crumbled to bits, all over the sidewalk at the dance studio, and he mourned its loss and Linus yelled at me for making his brother cry.


The above is photographic evidence of the tragedy as it unfolded. So much for keeping them occupied while Scott was in dance-parent training.

Also this week I went out to real actual stores and bought a few things to update my wardrobe.  Including the following dress, which I actually intended to wear today, but let’s be honest I am far from the most fashion-forward person and I realized at the ripe age of 40 that I have no idea what kind of bra to wear with this sort of dress.

So it still sits in my closet and I am sorry but if you can help please do in comments or messaging me.  WHAT KIND OF BRA DO I WEAR WITH THIS THING HALLLLP.


Also: cat love.  Pete loves to cover up this poor long-suffering cat in his blankets and snuggle his beloved Momo up to her and he hopes it all sinks in and she enjoys it all. She puts up with it only because she loves her Peter.


Then Linus always inevitably escalates things and she runs away.  Poor love. That’s a face of a cat that is just like, WTF YOU GUYS. WTF.


She still loves us, I know it.

We have had many, MANY days of rain and chill but finally, finally, this weekend it warmed up. Scott had to work some extra hours so it was just me and the boys, but still.  We took full advantage, with all the water buckets and water balloons and water sprinklers.

_DSC6789 _DSC6795

_DSC6832BW _DSC6866BW

_DSC6930BW _DSC6961BW

_DSC6977 _DSC7035BW


And then: Mother’s Day, bitches.


I got the goods, took my time getting up and ready for the day (called my own mommy and only cried for like 5 minutes after we said our good-byes; GAWD living away from her is the worst), and then we hit up Olbrich Garden for my treat. Usually we try to hit it up as close as possible when it opens, but we didn’t get there until lunch hour this year.  I was hoping that would mean it would be less busy, but instead it was waaaaay, WAY more busy than usual.  Oops.  Will go back to getting there early next year for sure.

Still: we ran those bozos off and had a good time.

_DSC7070 _DSC7090

_DSC7093 _DSC7102

_DSC7111 _DSC7114

_DSC7125 _DSC7133

Mamas love it when the littles hold hands of their own accord.

_DSC7138 _DSC7145

_DSC7151 _DSC7157

_DSC7163 _DSC7177

_DSC7164bw _DSC7170

_DSC7185 _DSC7187

It was only after they started acting really weird that we decided it was time to maybe look for an exit and head to brunch.

_DSC7190 _DSC7209

Found a Mama’s Perfect Hideaway spot on the way out…

_DSC7215 _DSC7216


And then we made our way to our traditional Mother’s Day favorite: Next Door Brewing.


This had to get me through a large portion of our time there. A taster of their mango Mutha Pucka.  Luckily it was tasty, but still.  Our waiter wasn’t the best (it took him about 10 minutes to even deliver our drink order, and then ignored for another 20 minutes before he took food orders).


But then our frites order finally got there THANK GOD.  Along with Scott and I’s shared bloody Mary flight order. The rest of our order showed up eventually but no rush from there…



Scott got the brekkie poutine (solid), the boys shared a chicken-and-waffles plate, and I ordered some terribly unhealthy pork-belly-eggs-benedict plate with a side of fried hash.  Except they ran out, I found out after ordering.  My back up order was a veggie-tostada salad, which only speaks to my now middle-age and default diet of healthy-ness.  Oh well.  It was yummy, even if Scott gave me serious side-eye for my order whiplash of health-gluttony to pretty-darn conservative.



And there you go.  I prepped this Chicken and Peppers recipe before we left, to have for dinner, but honestly we were still so full from brunch that we had some leftover salad (this beautiful thing) for dinner and I guess we’ll just have the chicken and peppers tomorrow or something.

I hope all the mommies I know had a great day, and God bless all the mommies in all our lives.  They make the world go around for sure.


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