Week in Review – May 2017

You guys this is a lotta pictures to follow and that’s mainly because I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE DAYLIGHT AFTER DINNERTIME.  I always go trigger-happy with my middle child* when we emerge from the gloomy dreary-dark wintertime.  So there’s your warning.  Scroll like crazy or run for the hills folks.

First up!  Last Thursday was May the 4th, better known as Star Wars Day, so we went to our local library and hung out with our favorite characters.


I mean after we spent some time in the library hiding from them.





FYI, I don’t know how it is even physically possible, but: Linus wore that shirt on his 2nd birthday.  Like as in the day he turned from age one to age two. All his other clothes right now are a solid 4T (if not edging into some 5T) and yet this shirt still fits.  The Magic of the Moose shirt.

After all the hub-bub at the library we decided to walk our teeny little downtown (well, Pete danced his way around downtown) and ended up at the Roman Candle for some pizza.  Mom and dad had a much needed quiet meal while the kids bounced off the walls in the play area.  God bless Roman Candle.  Not the best pizza in town but definitely the best joint for our sanity.





After the 4th comes the 5th.  Otherwise known as Cinco de Mayo.  On a Friday, even.  We celebrated with some El Milagro/salsa and taco-flavored chips (I know, the horror) and some Tajin with fruit. Well, and very-much-not-Mexican cerveza.

We got our picnic about half right I guess.  Still: gorgeous evening.  Stayed out until the mosquitoes drove us inside.







I just want to interrupt the usual flow of blathering to note for posterity: Linus loves to dust.  He helps me dust all the time. He’ll scamper off to another room and heartily shout “MAMA DID YOU GET THE BATHROOM YET?” and then go about his merry way, dusting everything.  Everything.


We go through a lot of dusters, is what I’m saying.

We had a really gorgeous weekend to start off May, guys. A bit chilly but sunny and it’s green errrrrwhere so we weren’t going to waste it.  Saturday we grabbed some Sonic and had a picnic at the park near our house.  The wind off the lake made me regret not bringing a stocking hat and made our food cold in approximately 5 minutes, but WHATEVER.  I’m just glad to see the sun and know the warm days are a’comin’.

We ate (quickly, heh) and stomped around all over the place.  They are putting in some new things down by the water so we explored the new pier and the now-much-smaller beach area, as well as the park shelters and playground.  Wore those kids out but good.











To note: we did such a good job of running off Linus that day, that when evening came and we announced that it would soon be his bedtime, he immediately started crying, all NO I DON’T WANT TO GO TO BED, then stomped off to his room in a huff.  Then silence. We went in to check on him 5 minutes later and it was pretty apparent that he marched right over to his bed, pulled his favorite blanket over himself, and zonked out. NICE.

Sunday was another lovely, if a wee bit chilly, sort of day.  So we hit up another spot we haven’t been to since winter descended: Picnic Point. Oh, how I have missed this spot; easily one of my favorites in town. For the uninitiated: it’s a peninsula that juts out into Lake Mendota; about a mile walk each way, you take one of several small trails deep into the forested ground and can peep out into small sandy spots and fire-approved sitting areas along the way.  At the endpoint is a cool sitting area and a fantastic view of the city. We keep talking about reserving a fire circle some time and just hanging out there well into the evening, but have yet to do so. THIS WILL BE THE YEAR GUYS. (I hope.)









So this was about the point he got stuck and needed help getting out of the tree, so I climbed out onto the huge rocks and guided him back, only to have a foot slip on a slime-covered rock and then my leg slid went right on into the lake.  ZING.  Pretty chilly, and I was soaked all the way up to my knee, including a water-logged shoe. Not my finest moment, but hey I’m just glad I held my balance otherwise and didn’t end up falling all the way in.





Linus’ turn for a spontaneous dance party.








And that’s all she wrote.  Glad to have some fresh air and sunshine and have the kids pass out the second their heads hit pillows.

Oh and here’s a random picture of a random sticker.


Okay that’s all I got. Peace, dudes.

*PS my middle child is my Nikon, duh.



  1. Dude…when did Pete get so big?!?!?!

    On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 8:58 PM Scott Nems Doots Moose wrote:

    > Nemmie posted: “You guys this is a lotta pictures to follow and that’s > mainly because I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE DAYLIGHT AFTER DINNERTIME. I always > go trigger-happy with my middle child* when we emerge from the gloomy > dreary-dark wintertime. So there’s your warning. Scrol” >

    1. My little big boy! He’s still rockin’ size 6 clothes, at almost 8 years old… But yes, I am with you. No doubting he’s a big kid now 🙂

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