Week in Review – End of April

So my blog tells me I haven’t blogged in 20 days which is pretty much 3 weeks let’s be honest and HOLY LORD I SWEARS I JUST BLOGGED LIKE A WEEK AGO.


Anyhoo! I have lots of pictures of just random life things but I haven’t organized a damned thing so I’m just gonna photo dump on you and you’re gonna like it.

In late April we went to the Climate March in Madison.  We missed the Science March just because we were already overscheduled that day (bummer, that) but I have to say, I like these little science-centric marches.  They are for good, solid things that the kids can get excited about and have a really positive vibe while we go down the street, more music and singing than chanting and me having to explain “Don’t Grab My Pussy” in a G-rated manner while some rando dude next to me gets a case of the giggles over what my kid is asking (which: no, I just made up a story about cats because. Well, COME ON).



























There was a band playing and Pete got really into some hip-hop freestyle.





Then we were done and walked home and I am sorry, guys, but when did the 3 year old turn into a big boy like WUT THE WUT WUUUUT.


Also aside from the march stuff we have spent some quality evenings in the yard, chilling at the patio set while the kids play in the yard.  It seems so dumb but for real, having someplace to sit kinda really makes the space. I make a snack and fire up the bubble machine, and Scott and I pour ourselves a beer and our evening is made.  I mean at least 1 day where it isn’t raining (after 5 days in a row of rain/mist/cold/SPRING IN WISCONSIN), anyway.

_DSC6088 _DSC6100

Okay those are for real the only pictures of April.  It was rainy AF and cold and I am not kidding the march day was the only sunny free day I had at the end of the month there.

More May goodness coming your way soon…


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