Week in Review – Mid-April Update

I am posting because I meant to do a mid-April post but it’s the 18th which is practically the 20th and SERIOUSLY WHERE DID APRIL GO. And I don’t even mean that in the shmoopy “oh my where does the time go, la la laaaaa” way, but for real, WHERE THE EFF DID APRIL GO I’M SERIOUS YOU GUYS.


Daycare was closed for a few days with a nasty virus, so Linus and I had some solo bonding time. He thinks this sort of one-on-one is pretty novel and exciting, poor little 2nd child. So he dragged me around to all his favorite things there and declared his love for the carousel and the meerkats and the Arctic truck and that was that.

_DSC4483 _DSC4492

I had a carousel punch card and he insisted on carrying it around in his pocket to present to the attendants for entry.  This was a Big Deal in his little 3-year-old brain but caused me much anxiety, as the thing hung out of his coat pocket while he bopped around all over the place. Luckily, I was able to discreetly shove it back in when it was flopping out, and we never lost the thing.






That polar-bear exploration Arctic truck, you guys. So noisy and huge and he could sit in it forever.

_DSC4637 _DSC4632

Zoo days are always good days.

Also as a side note because I didn’t take pictures: but it happened in the same time period: we took the kids to see Kubo and the Two Strings at the cheap-o kid weekend matinee, and WOW. It is so amazing and beautiful and touching. I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet, talk about an overlooked gem of a film.


There’s a lot about a mother’s love in it too and obviously that hits me right in the Feels.


Pete plays Kubo outside sometimes and he always blathers on about how awesome Kubo is when she does XYZ etc. Do I feel embarrassed that he might have assumed Kubo was a girl from the hair bun? Or do I assume it’s cool that he assumes this insanely smart, strong, brave person is a female because DUH? I’ll just go with the latter.

April also brought my usual arsenal of Photos Of My Kids Eating Things.  Soft pretzels were a hit thus far this month, also Linus has a newfound love affair with sucking on lemons and limes.  He’ll either hide in a corner secretly sucking on them, or will go whole hog and just squeeze the citrus until juice is dripping all over the damned place.

_DSC4654 _DSC4677


It’s been sunny and warm which is kinda weird this early (usually we have our last snowfall into the 2nd weekend of April).  But I’m not complaining!  Lots of outside time for us.

Also Pete has been really into that palm-tree shirt lately.  I think he’s worn it 3 times in the past 10-ish days.


_DSC4835 So: we got this iron patio set for free, a friend-of-a-friend wanted it gone and willingly delivered it to us for free to boot.  It had about 3 layers of paint on it so we spent some quality time getting it down to the original layer, then primed with Rustoleum rust spray, then painted a nice fresh white (never goes out of style and never fades, my friends).  It took a dozen cans of paint but we have a nice, new set after a weekend of nonstop scraping/sanding/priming/painting.  _DSC4732


Linus “supervised” while he nonchalantly Hoovered a bag of Twizzlers.  We are classy people.


Fresh and shiny and newwwwww!


That weekend, after all the hand-sanding and painting, we got the kids out to the park to run them off.  The “shoe park” has two areas so that kept them plenty busy and wore them out nicely.


_DSC4862 _DSC4867

_DSC4874 _DSC4882

_DSC4922 _DSC4931

_DSC4941 _DSC4963

_DSC4974 _DSC4982


That was Sunday evening.  We were too tired and dirty etc. to even think about making dinner, so we stopped for poke take-out on the way home.  And made some margaritas. And enjoyed the new-to-us patio set and lovely warm evening.


And lest you think we’re one of Those Families, do know that while Scott and I dined on poke bowls, the kids had Chicken McNugget Happy Meals.  #noshame


Then it clouded up and we ran into the house with everything and I packed up the cushions/umbrella and whatever, and we finished our dinner inside while it started to rain outside.

And then the next weekend!  The outdoor market season has begun!  Off we went, because there’s nothing like a Saturday spent eating your way around the Square.


_DSC5087 _DSC5092

ramps Ramps RAMPS. Everyone was celebrating the ramps, as you do on opening weekend. We got 3 bunches and they are glorious.  I am so ready for all the spring veggies. Winter is, always, much too long.

_DSC5094 _DSC5097

Had to squeeze the mushrooms to make sure they were purchase-able.


Had to buy too much hot sauce.


Had to buy doughnuts from the vendor with the Largest Doughnuts EVAR.

_DSC5107 _DSC5116

_DSC5124 _DSC5144

I was all, hey Linus, peek through the Doughnut hole!  And this is what I got.


Then he was legit covered in frosting, so Scott took him inside the Capitol to clean up.  Pete and I stuck around and enjoyed the view, he chowed some more, then we cleaned up our area (AKA I threw away Linus’ now mangled doughnut) and headed inside as well.


_DSC5162 _DSC5166


I uh, told Linus his doughnut “blew away” in the wind.  Pete gave me stink-eye but didn’t rat me out.  Linus did not take that news well.


Pete gave him his smoothie and the rest of his frosting-filled doughnut, and that seemed to help.  Then he was able to talk him into running around and get in an overall better mood.  What we would do without Peter in our lives to fix things, I don’t know.

_DSC5186 _DSC5192

_DSC5196 _DSC5203


Still full of energy, we hit the Children’s Museum.  Which I have photographed ad nauseum, I know.  I tried to hit the less-photographed bits this time.


_DSC5267 _DSC5288

_DSC5349 _DSC5352

_DSC5356 _DSC5366

_DSC5379bw Funhouse mirror time

I look bald-ish in that picture above.  I blame greasy pony-tailed hair for that.

After the museum we headed to The Old Fashioned for some brunch, and there was a 30-minute wait.  Not the worst.  Linus and I snuck off and found some beverages at a nearby food truck to tide us over until our table was ready.

_DSC5415 _DSC5421


Then we were finally seated and Linus had a hard time grasping how to properly eat cheese curds.


Yes, I had a grapefruit-based breakfast Old Fashioned.  I HAVE TWO CRAZY KIDS I’M ALLOWED.


There’s my soul baby, right there. Good old Peter.


That’s all she wrote, for now.  Expect an Easter post soon, then maybe I can play some catch-up on some old stuff.  Peace out, dudes.


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