Week in Review – 28 March 2017

You guyyyyyyyyyyyys I am so tired of cold/rain/spring/blah.


I am glad to see light past 5pm now, though, so that’s progress I guess.

We haven’t been up to much, sadly.  The spring cleaning bug has hit me hard so I’m organizing closets, washing the walls (what the hell happens in the winter that my walls get weird grunge marks on them!  Gross!), going through piles of junk stacked up in the corners, etc. So I don’t have a lot of content, just random bizarre bits of… well, whatever this stuff is.  Behold, part of my spring cleaning was cleaning my camera/equipment, and I found these March-related bits on a memory card before I re-formatted it.

We’ve been on a major ramen kick lately.  I read this article on Bon Appetit’s site and I was like WHY ARE WE NOT DOING THIS.  So about once a week we feed the kids something boring like sandwiches and have late-night ramen bar after they go to bed, we use our homemade broth because it’s nice and thick and then toss in whatever veggies/leftover meat we find in the fridge, open a can o’ spicy SPAM if need be, add a 7-minute egg, VOILA.  Long Live Ramen.


A 3-years-old blog post is coming up shortly about this guy. So many words. So many.


Oh hey I bought some new shoes.  I am all about the sneakers these days.  This summer I found out I have a raging case of plantar fasciitis in my right foot (so sexy, I know) so that means no more cheap flip-flops and my heel choices are severely limited.  FINE THEN GIVE ME ALL YOUR SKATER SHOES PLZ.


I have no idea why I took this picture, I think maybe I took the pictures of the shoes and then was bored and lifted the camera up. Anyway. Here, I took it. Look at it. Yes I hold my camera funny and yes I need to do something new with my hair, lordy.


I saw the scariest Easter craft at a parish rummage sale, so of course I bought it. The boys like to stand in front of it and chant Bloody Mary. When I’m dead I bet you fifty bucks they fight over who gets possession of it.


Oh look, a picture of the cat.


We watched the first few rounds of the March Madness tourney at Buffalo Wild Wings. I took one whole photo. Also: I officially hate the Elite Eight round.


More chicken nugget. This is his new sweatshirt, one of the few items of clothing I have ever paid full price for. It was worth every cent.


Finally: it’s kinda misty and chilly but we still made a point to take a nice long walk this past Sunday.

_DSC4363 _DSC4374bw

_DSC4465 _DSC4405

_DSC4416bw _DSC4434

_DSC4436 _DSC4444

_DSC4411 _DSC4445

_DSC4458 _DSC4455


Oh AND!  Fox did not renew their contract with Netflix, for the first time ever, which means come April there will be no more X-Files.  This is not acceptable!  What am I supposed to watch when I’m sick and parked on the couch or late at night when I can’t sleep or when I’m in the kitchen cooking and just need some noise in the background?  That’s my dirty-secret comfort show!  Not cool.  Not cool at all. Now I have to find a new place to get Scully eye rolls.


That’s it dudes peace out.  More posts coming shortly.


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