Week in Review – 17 March 2017

It’s St. Patty’s Day! And the ‘hawks just crushed it in their first game of the March Madness tourney!


I hope y’all are having a great St. Patty’s Day as well!  I am sad that I am corned-beef-less today, I can’t lie.  Also: I gave up sugar for Lent, that pretty much sucks total balls.  Let’s celebrate by staring lovingly at the best pie I’ve ever had, a heavenly slice of honey pie on a shortbread crust, with lavender-sea salt sprinkled on top, finished with a dollop of whipped and blueberries.  OH LORT. So amazing I wanted it all to myself, so rich that I shared it with three other people. And I swear to the Lord above, when I am done with Lent I am forcing my family to Chicago so I can get some again because NEEEEEEEEED.

Bang Bang Pie

Did that seem desperate?  Sorry.  Most days I’m okay but days like today, when I see all the stout-flavored cupcakes with Irish-cream buttercream or all the shamrock shakes and Irish-themed sugar cookies and all that stuff, I get super itchy.  Kinda like I do when I walk down the Easter aisle at Walgreens these days.


Easter candy is the ultimate weakness. I bought some Robin Eggs the other day, and have been secretly smuggling 6 of them per night to Peter, after Scott is off to tuck in Linus and can’t see the sugar indiscretion. It’s like sugar ingestion by proxy.  I cannot wait until I can mainline them myself.

Anyway!  In case you were wondering what we’ve been up to these days…  Let me just tell you: sick.  We’ve all been sick, chest colds and flu and all that garbage. The last 3 weekends it’s been sad sacks laid out on couches or sleeping off fevers in my bed (whyyyyyy always in my bed, GAWD).  March was not kind to any of us. Even Linus, He of Iron-Clad Immune System, has fallen to the crud.


Don’t let her usual distain for him fool you, when Linus is incapacitated she is his baddest bodyguard.

Anyway.  You’ll be relieved to know that even fevers and the flu can’t keep Linus away from donuts.


This past weekend, we were all relatively healthy, as in no fevers or terrible coughs/snot/etc.  Which means we took advantage and took a road trip to Milwaukee, to check out Discovery World.  It’s their science center and we had a pretty darn good time. Even in the parking garage.


They had a small aquarium area, similar to the one at Henry Doorly.


As with most people: when confronted with a jellyfish tank, I can’t stop taking pictures and video (there are 6 videos on my phone, in case you were interested I can show you ALL OF THEM, MULTIPLE TIMES).  I am being nice and only making you look at 2 pictures in this set.


We had fun in the physics lab; Pete came up with a long-armed helicopter in the fly tube and was complimented by the staff to say it was the best flying water-cup-thingie they had seen. He was pretty proud of it (we had to take it home, in fact).


They have a Les Paul exhibit as well which the boys really liked.  Lots of music mixing in there.  Also: Les Paul invented a lot more than we were aware of.  Like the multi-track recorder, the 8-track player.  And the harmonica holder.


OG thug life.

So anyway!  It was fun and informative and highly recommended.


Nothing like having a camera/viewing screen turn to your child, and having him proceed to unapologetically pick his nose for all to see.  Way to be, Linus.

By then we were kinda done museum-ing, so we went in search of lunch. I have a nice hefty list of new restaurants to try in Milwaukee, but Scott was all, “what if we went back to Good City Brewing…” and since he rarely makes requests, I shut my trap and went with it.  I mean I can’t complain, they have pretty solid beers and their pickled-jalapeno slaw bowl is solid.


The boys played some Battleship there but in reality they pretended they were on laptops half the time.  Nice.  Welcome to the next generation, everyone.

So that’s all I have of that!  Daylight savings time ending kicked us all in the butt and we are still recovering but thank God there is Nutella to get us all through.  Or: there was, at one point, before we found Linus sitting politely at the table polishing off our jar of the stuff.


I miss sugar, y’all.



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