Week in Review – The rest of Feb 2017


You are maybe getting twice-monthly posts at this stage in my life, I think.  There is simultaneously lots going on, and yet nothing too interesting.  Just keeping up with a full-time job, commuting, kid appointments, kid activities, homework, chores, bills, cleaning…

Listen, piece of advice: never have kids.

OH GAWWD settle down I am totally kidding. I love my kids, they make life a much more fulfilling adventure. They just keep me plenty busy.  So anyway!  Valentines Day happened and the only pictures I have of are the kids (including Miss Halle Berry) ripping into their Anne Valentines box.  They were plenty spoiled this year, lots of treats and little toys appeared in the mail and everyone was pretty excited about it all.


After dental surgery I wasn’t in the mood to clean so instead I made a ton of food, and that mood carried over into additional weekends.  My basement deep freezer is filled to the brim. Linus, in particular, enjoyed taste-testing the cookie portion of stocking the freezer (gotta bake some off to make sure they’re okay, obviously).


One day Pete and Scott were out doing stuff (birthday party perhaps?  Something…) so Linus and I went for a long walk and then stopped at Craftsman for some lunch and to watch the KU game. I still was on the soft-food diet at the time so I got a bowl of seafood soup.  It came in the World’s Tiniest Crock.  Nice “bowl” of maybe 8 oz. of soup, guys.  Totally worth getting the “bowl” over a cup.

At least it was tasty.


About 10 days ago things got abnormally warm out. Like, not even a jacket needed kinda warm.  Which is the weirdest thing ever and while enjoyable, makes me uneasy about gloabal warming for sure. This is the 3rd abnormally warm winter in a row up here…


Last Monday both daycare and school were closed, and it was still nice and warm, so we hit up the Zoo.  I feel like we rarely go to the Zoo and that’s dumb.  Note to self, hit it up more often.




And then Linus went on a strike because he was starving.  Apparently.

We finished celebrating the nice warm day by having lunch at Michael’s.  Which of course started with an ice-cream course.  They devoured all of it, hungry punks.


That’s it, pets.  February complete.  Bring on March.


Actually. A final bit of bad news this February, we lost my Auntie Anna on the 18th. My mom and her sisters had a lot of tragedies growing up and because of that learned young how important relationships are.  The three of them are super close, and some of my favorite childhood memories are of the frequent visits my aunties (cousins in tow) would make to visit us in Fondy.  Auntie Anna was always smiling, so quick-witted and funny, a cold beer in front of her and cigarette in hand.  My auntie, she definitely had a zest for life. She and my mom and Auntie Kay would sit at our kitchen table and swap stories and just laugh and laugh, for hours on end.

I haven’t seen her much at all in the past several years; I think it’s a combination of being busy with small kids and also thinking we have lots of time to catch up later.  I feel guilty for not spending solo time with her at family gatherings.  I wish I had been a better niece in that way.

Hug your aunties, friends, and say a little prayer for my sweet cousins who lost their mama.  She was a great woman.



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