Week in Review – February 2017 and I hate having teef

Or: not having teef, that title should say. Because when you have baby children who suck the calcium out of your teeth when you are pregnant, well: you deal with the repercussions for years. Like the fact that I am in Phase II of surgery/dropping cash all in the name of replacing crumbly calcium-leached teef.


Also this time I was told to take ibuprofen.  Huh.  Last time at least I got the good drugs for all my trouble.


Then again: this time my entire face wasn’t screaming in a deep, relentless, throbbing pain before I even left the dental surgeon’s office, and my tooth hole didn’t bleed through gauze for 2 days, so: no complaints here.  I’ll take normal face pain and ibuprofen over that.  Still got Scott to wait on me hand and foot.  That’s all that matters really.


Also I am on the soft-food diet for a week and no super-hard food (aka: chips, pretzels)/popcorn/sticky foods for at least 2 months, so that helps keep me honest on my diet too. All good things.

Anyway.  In news people actually enjoy reading: Here is Mizz Halle Berry in all her glory. She seems to be fully acclimated and enjoying her current leisurely lifestyle (even though it includes two crazy boys who tend to love her a bit too much).


Last Saturday was Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, and as usual we joined in the festivities.


Damn; why does Pete look so OLD all of a sudden?

So anyway beyond that: life sucks the joy out of us all, so enjoy some pictures of a few of my plant babies. Those that leave my teeth alone.


Oh you guys: Linus.  This jerk.  He’s all energy and jokes and making epic messes these days.  He has been dealing with a sinus infection but even given that, it’s been business as usual.


Super Bowl update: we made oven-fried wings (soooooo good), oven ribs, queso with chorizo, Doritos, and chocolate-chip cookies. And a box of Kleenex included in the photos for an accurate representation of those still fighting sinus infections.

Side note: when I visit Erin at her hair salon there is a small liquor store a few doors down and the signage in front never disappoints.

(Pictures following that liquor store are all Linus and Halle Berry LOVE.  She pretends she barely tolerates him but don’t let my Instagram posts fool you: she loves him back just as much as he loves her.)


Daycare was closed recently. Linus and I had a day of fun. Well, he had fun.  He’s all DO WHAT I SAY AND ENJOY MY GLORY MUTHER EFFERS these days.  So I just kinda bow to his excellence and try to sway him to stay near me when in retail stores.  It’s the best I can do.


We saw Pete sing in a winter school program, had a long breakfast at a waffle house, and hit up Barnes and Noble. It was a real struggle, for Linus to pick the right emergency-vehicle book to choose.

We also hit up the usual thrift stores, and I didn’t really take pictures although I had all the time in the world to do so: Linus never wanted to leave.  We spent over an hour at St. Vinnys while he lovingly played with every toy on the shelves. I mean I love my thrifting time but this kid takes it to a whole new level.

Annnnnnnd: that’s all I gots, for now.  Stay Golden, Pony boy.  More to come later, as usual.

Also take good care of your teef, people.




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  1. Dear god. That final gif.
    Your cat is dreamy and your plants look like presents.
    Your teeth though. Oof.

    • Oh yes, 2 dental implants + an additional crown all compliments of Linus’ pregnancy (weakened the teeth and they slowly degraded, we realized last year). Lucky meeeee!

      Thanks for the compliments, dear! Hoping the Montreal winter is going easy on you this year!

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