Week in Review – 29 January 2017

_dsc3045Welp: this has been an extra-special week.

Since I updated last, I have signed up for 2 more protests, and am bummed I missed a last-minute one for refugees this morning, and I missed it because the alert got to me after it started.  I AM NOT A PROTESTER SO THIS IS SUPER WEIRD YOU GUYS. I hope everyone is ready to roll, because we have a New Normal in this country, and not one that any of us have ever imagined could happen here.


Charmingly enough, this week I had an old good friend dump me, clearly because of politics but under the guise of “I know you are making fun of me behind my back all the time!!!” ( for one: we are all grown adults and you are an old friend, dear, so WUT but also methinks you protest too much when the first thing you mention is that you saw my  Liberal-leaning blog post BUT THAT’S NOT THE REASON, though…).  Thanks for projecting your issues onto me and pretending it’s my fault, honey.  Oh! And then on the drive home, after that day where a bunch of terrible Trump things happened and I was summarily friend-dumped – some dude went total road-rage on me (after cutting ME off on the Beltline, ironically) and follow me home with his brights on for several blocks, and then sit in front of my driveway after I pulled in, waiting for me to come out of my car I guess?, which really made for a special day. I mean I do admit I tend to have resting bitch-face on the usual so maybe you read that wrong and it sent you into a rage spiral, but seriously…


So I decided to go see a movie, my favorite way to de-stress.  It was a Thursday night and I went to see Moonlight.  I went to a theater that had assigned seating and after perusing the entire theater, where maybe 6 seats total were sold for that showing: I picked a seat in the front section, all alone, as in the ENTIRE front section was open; thinking that I could use this as a cathartic moment and cry it out as need be.

So I grab a drink and settle in and watch the credits and start to feel my shoulders relax. And then as the screen goes dark and the movie begins, some chick comes barreling down my row and dramatically drops into the seat right next to me.  RIGHT NEXT TO ME. Then she proceeds to text on her brightly-lit phone for the next 5 minutes.  Then some dude shows up and sits down next to her, and they then proceed to whisper at each other and dick around on their phones for the duration of the movie.


First off: WHY did you specifically purchase seats right next to the only other person in the entire section of this theater, WHY?  At least sit in a different row, holy shit. Second: why then proceed to talk through the movie, especially an Indie film that is sparse on dialogue and depends mostly on character expression?  WHYYYYYY?  Unfortunately I didn’t get my personal unwind session and instead learned more than I ever wanted to know about this random person’s sister, her dinners for the past week, and about their personal likes/dislikes on chewing gum (and how sad she was that she left her current purchase in her car).


GAWD.  Moonlight was good though, all distractions and rudeness notwithstanding.

(Also if you are wondering about all the Chris Farley gifs: I have been observing Linus when he is at dance class, through the glass partition, and I am going to be honest: all Chris Farley, that kid.)


So anyway.  The week, America falling apart and personal affonts not accounted for, was okay.  Wednesday we got hit by a snow storm. It was weirdly warm out (this is the 3rd winter of above-average temps and less snow than normal BUT THAT ISN’T GLOBAL WARMING NOPE NOPE AND LET’S SHUT DOWN THE EPA FOR GOOD MEASURE).  So anyway, the snow was thick and heavy and a pain to shovel, but perfect for little kidlets to play in it. So I took the kids out and they helped me shovel and played and we spent a while  outside.


We played until we were all soaked through our coats/hats/mittens, so we went inside and tossed that junk in the dryer and put on new junk and drove down to Hurts for some donuts and black coffee and lots of play time.

Their doughnuts, admittedly, are not so great.  But they are creative and staff is super awesome and the kids like them and the fact that they have several free games all over the 2nd level makes them totally worth the snow-day visits we have made thus far.  Also: they have good coffee. I mean we all know good coffee is pretty clutch.


We played foosball and accidentally some air hockey (they told us the table was not working but Linus ran up and touched the “on” button and waddayaknow, it started right up) and some bean bags and I sufficiently ran them off in that place so: bravo, Hurts.

The only other minor thing of note this week is that Pete decided cabbage was a good snacking veggie.  I didn’t cut up the usual big container of carrots/celery/bell peppers in time and he was starving while watching TV so he grabbed the only veggie in sight, and went to town.  He proclaimed that it tasted just like Brussels sprouts and was therefore acceptable.  Ooooookay, then. I guess as long as it’s a veggie. Except I had plans for a stir fry for that thing, but whatever.  If you’re eating veggies I guess I am happy.


I don’t have a lot else to add at this point.  The slaughter in Quebec City is horrific and Trump’s ban on refugees is terrible and everything is just The Worst, basically. And yeah, it hurt at first that an old friend Facebook-dumped me over something as silly as politics.  But in the end – that’s okay, because I would rather stand up for the people who are most vulnerable under the Trump/Bannon regime than be some useless Facebook friend with someone who believes that science is “alternative facts”, that women shouldn’t have basic health rights,  and that people seeking safety and asylum should not be allowed in our country simply because they have brown skin and a different religion than us.


That’s it, y’all.  You hate my politics, then feel free to dump me too.  That’s okay, I’m cool with it.

And if you stick around: much love. Let’s do this.



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