Week in Review – 21 January 2017

I marched last Saturday, our entire family went, in fact. And I’m not going to explain why to anyone, because I don’t owe you an explanation, and if you can’t figure it out by now well: me trying to educate you isn’t going to work, I’ve learned that lesson already.

So instead of doing your usual judging and spitting out demeaning comments (and you know who you are), just settle for the fact that we took our children because we wanted them to learn about Patriotism, about loving your country and what it stands for, and about doing what you need to do so your voice is heard in a Democracy (at least while that’s still a true statement of our country).

No selfies, just pictures of the signs and people we saw that day. We went with friends, met in our church parking lot and walked to the beginning site from there.  We all brought our kids, and I’m glad we did.  They learned what it was to speak up for not only yourself but fairness for other people.  Not a female?  No matter, we all strive or the rights of our people as a whole. That is a part of being a Democracy, after all.


America: our constant refusal of any even tiny whiff of (OMG NOOOOOO) Socialist ideas doesn’t leave us much of a choice in the end. When all we can imagine is this corporate hyper-capitalism or some kind of anarchistic deregulated market, our long-term options are not that great, let’s be honest.  We’ve been clinging to this sort of ‘ideal’ for a century now and now it’s proved to be our undoing.

Fight. Resist. And re-think our society, base it on fairness and solidarity; or sacrifice everything.  That’s how I see it at this point.


Much love, my friends.



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