2017 – mid-January update

Getting this in the books before the year is out (haha you think I am joking but NO AT THIS POINT  I FEEL LIKE WHEN IN THE WORLD DO I HAVE TIME TO BLOG NEVER NEVER NEEEEEVERRRRRRRRR.)’

Not to be all dramatic or anything.

So!  School was closed and work was closed and that means one thing: let’s sugar your asses up and run you off in the neighborhood, my little angels.


Otherwise: just the norm.  Hanging at home, terrorizing kitties.


Also: watching Singing In The Rain while meal-prepping for the week. #adulting

Oh!  And Linus, my Linus. Sweet little undercover swear lover.


Okay, let me premise by coming clean to the fact that: I tend to curse a lot on our commute every day.  Daycare is by work and both daycare/work are a good commute away from home, so I mean…  I try to keep it under my breath and under control but embarrassingly, I am not even aware when I’m doing it half the time (and I am sorry but DRIVERS ON THE BELTLINE ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST AND IT’S MAD MAX OUT THERE OKAY).

Aaaaaanyway.  A few weeks ago on our drive we were tootling along, trying to dodge every aggressive driver on the road (most of ’em), enjoying some The Weeknd on the radio, and Linus suddenly says to me: “Mama, why do you call the cars ‘apples’? ”


Oh, snap.  That guy who just cut me off for no reason even though there was tons of room and then slowed up so we were both going 20 under the speed limit and THEN swerved into the other lane and gave me a stare-down before peeling out and hitting the exit is an “a-pple” TOTALLY NOT AN ASSHOLE.


So yes, I road that lie and was all “oh I just think they are being silly and apples are silly so they are all apples yep Yep YEPPPP!”  And he fell for it.

Parenting, dudes.  This is what it is.

SO ANYWAY. The day after New Years, by some act of God: daycare and school were both running, but Scott and I had off work.  It was cold AF but we were like, we’re owning this shizz.  So after going back to bed for a quick morning nap, we hit up JPH.  Then hit up Willy St. Co-op and stocked up on tons, including C00p hot sauce.


Then Weary Traveler for lunch, which was loooooooong and awesome and it is my new favorite place in the whole wide world the end.


East Mad, marry me.


And that’s it, Date Day.

The next weekend, we went to MKE. The Public Museum, to be exact.  And they had a special winter addition of Old Milwaukee and Granny was gone from her porch and instead there was a Quarantine sign (!) in her window.  Come on, MKE.  That’s not what we want, we want our healthy happy granny rocking on the porch. Sads.


OMG I did it AGAIN all Britney style, I repeated a picture.  Sorry. That German dad chilling at his table over Christmas really resonated with me, I guess. And yeah, shocker: too lazy to change now.  Deal.


Pete was so excited, from the start, to go see the Native tribes exhibit and find the Menominee people.  He insisted that I take a picture of him in front of the Menominee diorama, for Muzzy, and I had to take 12 takes from different angles while he made different meaningful faces at her.  UGH, KIDS.  I hope I captured the appropriate mood below, Muzz.  I guess Pete will tell you if I got the wrong one (it’s the 2nd picture, so take note).


After that racket we drove around and found a spot for lunch. Good City Brewing, you are legit.  Thank you for the awesome gluten-free burger menu for saving the day.  And thank baby Jesus for portable devices, because they kept the children quiet. Amen.


My burger was 100% gluten free, as were the sides, and they were delish so thanks again for saving a girl on a strict diet without side-eyeing me, dudes.

(And yes, I realize my beer was not gluten-free, but dammit I deserve a treat and that was my one carb/sugar/grain-free treat of the week, and I loved it with all my heart.)


Buh bye, MKE!  Air kisses!

I got some new furniture, too.  Real living-room grown-up stuff.  Let’s take bets on how long until the kids destroy it.


So that’s kinda it.  Oh!, and one last word on our commute.

Linus, he loves his big vehicles.  Firetrucks mostly, but ambulances and tow trucks and garbage trucks and the like, they fit the bill.  His new favorite thing to do on our commute is to spot a big vehicle, then yell for me to CATCH UP TO THAT DUMP TRUCK, MAMA.

And because those bitches are usually lame and slow, that’s not a problem.  So we cruise up, eventually, and then we’re next to them, and Linus is cheering all YAY-YAY-YAAAAAY! from the backseat and then he usually throws out a, “and now we call them an apple!”.  So new traditions and all that, we take turns screaming out YOU ARE AN APPLE! in their general direction and then I speed past (and very politely do NOT cut them off) and the end.



Yep and that’s it.  See ya soon, jokers.



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