December 2016

I have been a terrible blogger lately, I know.  December always kicks my ass (I mean, in a good way though).  Here’s lots to look at, enjoy.  Some of my favorite traditions reside in December…

First up: our annual trip to Stoughton to check out the winter festivities.  This is our third year hitting up Viking Brewpub.  This year I was super smart and called ahead for a reservation.  Then when we got there, they had a packed house and had lost our reservation.  Womp, womp.  They were indeed super kind about it, and scooted us over to their nicer seated area to have our meal.  Awesome folks.  So we ate our dinner in style, then took in the firetruck parade when it rolled by.  Linus is all about firetrucks these days so he was pretty excited for that portion.

Deep sighs, you guys.  Linus is definitely three.  Any perceived slight, no matter how small (put his plate facing That way and not This way, give him the hat he asked for 2 minutes ago but no longer likes, hold his hand BUT YOU GRABBED THE WRONG HAND AND HE ONLY WANTED TO HOLD A FINGER AND NOT THAT FINGER A DIFFERENT FINGER etc. etc.) and it’s tears for days.  You’ll see, friends.  It comes out in photos.


Apparently I was really enamored with that hot-dog eating photo because I tossed it in the mix twice.  Whoops.  I’m too lazy to go back and fix now so there it is, again, enjoy.

After the parade we shored up the bill and scooted out of the restaurant, down the street to the firehouse where the festivities continued.  They had a little band playing holiday music, cookies and hot chocolate galore, Santa on a sleigh meeting with kids, and all the decorated firetrucks out back.  Linus even got invited to get inside and check out a few of them.  Heaven.

(Also he loaded up on cookies and wanted me to hold them but my hands were full so I carefully put the napkin-encased cookies into the diaper bag.  I just found them this past weekend, 3 weeks later, still in the diaper bag, now a bundle of stale crumbles.  Ew.)

After the parade we rolled through Olin Park, because why not get the drive-through lights out of the way as long as we’re out and about.


Wrote the Santa letters and tramped around in the snow. That first decent snowfall is always so lovely (compared to the following sub-zero temps and a gray, gritty 3-month-old mess).


Got out all the decorations, did our gingerbread village, made an epic sprinkles mess (certainly not for the last time this season, ho ho ho.)


Went to Hilldale to see Saaaaaaantaaaaa!  Pete has decided that Santa is indeed real, but mall Santas are all lying frauds.  I made him pretend he believed his schtick anyway, for Linus’ sake.  The whole situation was hilarious because Pete politely went along with it but could not even make eye contact with “Santa”.

Linus however was super excited. Excited for the little bag of marshmallows Santa gave him, anyway.



Epic Mean face in the car, dudes.

We headed to Chicago for our annual trip to see the MSI Trees followed by Fried Chicken.



Pete and I stuck together, wandered around while Scott and Linus hung out in the train room. I got him a candy cane and that was a rookie mistake, I didn’t buy another one for Linus.  Good thing Pete is a good sharer, yikes.  Also they were both a sticky mess afterwards.  Scott was loving me a lot right then.


Big storm was rolling in when we left, took us an additional hour to get home.  Welcome to the Great Lakes region…

Lots of other random things.  Cookie baking, decorating, blah blah blah you get the picture.


See?  Dirty nasty snow.  We’ll be looking at that for the next 3 months, wee.

The boys gifted each other a Build-A-Bear for Christmas this year.  Our first time ever stepping foot in that store. Probably our last (heh).


Friends of ours treated us to a trip on the Polar Express.  The boys had a great time and all the 7-year-olds were enamored by the wandering hobo 😉



Also, this happened.  A cat, in our house, yes a real live cat this time.  She’s old and likes to sleep and sit on laps and is pretty much a dream kitty.  She’s good with the boys, took to her new home immediately, and is too old to be bothered with naughty kitty behavior (no jumping on counters, no clawing/scratching things, no knocking over things, I love you kitty).


Santa and the aunties did good this year. Scott also did good: he made me a mid-morning bloody Mary.  Yasssss, holidays.


It uh, rained. Rained.  On Christmas (?).  Certainly tamped down the dirty snow a bit.

Dinner was at Swagat again this year. Food was awesome as usual (their goat curry, be still my heart).  Pete really embraced the mango: mango lassi, mango chicken, and mango ice cream.  We’re still eating leftovers.  Drove around and looked at some lights on the way home, then crashed.


That’s it, friends. I have a few more posts up my sleeve before this month is over, though, so be prepared.  I am working like a fiend to get that pesky Thanksgiving post finished…


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