Here are all the Halloween-ish things happening in these parts.

Taking advantage of the bizarre warm weather and playing outside a lot (okay that’s not very Halloween-y, admittedly)


Okay now the real actual Halloween stuff.  First, the Halloween party at the kids’ dance studio.


Pete decided to opt out of the dance workshops this year, then he was bummed afterwards because he didn’t learn the Thriller dance again. Womp, womp.  Next year, kid.  We had to watch the Thriller video later when we got home.


And yes, that is my Goodwill rewards card in the ID pocket of my phone cover. #priorities

This weekend we also did the trick-or-treat at the Zoo…


And then we walked Monroe Street Halloween party because why not, more candy…


And then there were the school and daycare parties, for which I don’t have photos to share (sorry).  And then, it was finally actually Halloween evening, and we trick-or-treated all over the place. This was the first year we stayed out well after dark, I’ll need to remember flashlights next year.


Suburbia alert: the town firetruck drove up and down the street and would stop to give out candy to the trick-or-treaters.  Linus was in awe.


We don’t live in a boring suburban town, though; it’s an older area and so there are plenty of oddballs (and oddballs make the world go ’round!).  So it wasn’t all full-size candy bars and organic Annies treats; among the normal stuff there were a few other delights, like a Snak Pak pudding cup (?),  a big box of raisins, a karate lesson coupon. And a “bath sponge”.

Sooo there you go.  We had zero trick-or-treaters ourselves (seriously!) so on top of all the goods from the kids’ buckets, we have a big bowl of Reeses pumpkins and dark chocolate Kit Kats.  Oy.  Post-Halloween candy regret is going to be a helluva thing this year.


Time to hit the gym.



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