Week in Review, 15 August 2016

This weekend was a three-ring Circus of family time.  One sister in Kansas was up North in a cabin for a week, planning to stop and spend time with us on her way back. Meanwhile another sister in Kansas purchased a car from a dude in Lake Geneva.  But she couldn’t make it up to get the car. So my brother flew up to Madison, Scott picked him up, and they Road-tripped it to Lake Geneva to pick up the car so Paul could then drive it home.

I stayed in Madison and met up with Beah et al. and we partied hard, as only two sisters pushing middle age with a gaggle of kids could do (basically: pizza and ice cream and lots of prying apart of feuding toddlers while still trying to hold a normal adult conversation).


For the record: getting 5 children to look at smile at you at the same time it surprisingly harder than one would think.


Kissing cousins.


And that’s all she wrote. It was waaaaaay too short and I miss them all so very much and I don’t have much more to add other than: it just sucks that they live so far away and this is such a rarity.


Counting down the days already.



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