Week in Review, 11 August 2016

Welp, I really went and did it this time, didn’t I.  I stopped blogging for like 3 weeks or some thing. Errrrrrrrr, sorry.  It’s summer, I have better things to do.


(Like stuff my face with junk food.)

Okay no but really!  Work is nuts, not like that affects my home-life too much but it is definitely a stressor, so I find myself coming home and wanting to just sit and hug my babies or chase them around the yard and eat some nachos and drink some beer. Not grab the camera, not blog.  And then I go to bed and sleep like the dead because I had stressful days, and then I wake up and take 3 coffees to the face and I start over and pray no one walks into my office for at least an hour because I’m a recluse.


So that’s like the bulk of it and sorry but I have a weird mish-mash of photos to share and then it’s on to other things.  Which: hey.  Summer is about to kick it up into high gear and I will fo sho have actual real interesting things to share. Why does the summer fly by so fast though? And why does all the exciting stuff happen in August?

Okay and as a side note, if you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet you gotta get on that train like NOW.  Dustin is my favorite of all the favorites. THE HAIR AND TEEF, LORDY.


Also Winona Ryder.  SLAY, QUEEN.  Don’t miss her comeback.


So there was this day about 2 weeks ago where we got home and we had Pizza and Watermelon night (which is a legit summer evening in these parts, in fact that was the menu tonight even). Anyway, we were in the middle of our wonderful summer meal, in the middle of a pretty gnarly summer storm as well, and the power just went ::poof::.  Gone. It was out for FIVE HOURS.  And the rains were like a monsoon and we had flooding in the finished portion of our basement, which was L.O.V.E.L.Y.  Scott was shop-vaccing floors down there until 1am, after the power finally came back on.  I took a few pictures for posterity, of finishing our meal and the boys playing with those LED balloons you can buy at Target, and anyway.  Long night, that one.



I bought Dilly bars at DQ once.  The boys were in love.  At least that’s what I got from the pictures I found from that time.




Summer flowers.  Posted for posterity’s sake.


Last weekend we were invited to Will’s birthday party at the park near our house, so of course how could we miss this (being one, for Will, and two, like 5 minutes from home).  Fun was had by all, even though we each received approx. 30 mosquito bites thanks to that monsoon-and-power-killing storm that hit about 2 weeks earlier.


After the party we stopped at McD’s for some 69-cent cones and play time, to wear the boys out further. Ironically they slept like crap that night anyway.  GO FIGURE.


Aaaaaand that’s about all she wrote.  But don’t fret!  There’s still some summer to be had, we have a visit from the Beah and a week at a lake cabin Up Nort and some quality Chicago time to be had.

Group hug, y’all.





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