Week in Review – 17 July 2016

Hi.  It’s been a few weeks, again, I know.  I wanted to get an update out though because I am finally starting to free myself of the hell that was Five Work Special Projects Plus Normal Work that I was dealing with for the past few months.  Also? Clearly I stress eat because I weighed myself and when I saw the number it was not a happy moment.


My PureBarre month is finished, I did not renew (obviously).  I did purchase a BarreAmped DVD to do at work, and recharged my Spin account.  I did the DVD workout yesterday along with my usual cardio, and I am sore in the butt/thighs today, so it’s doing its job. I am also on a strict paleo diet once again until I can get this body back where it should be.

Then and only then can I return to some of the good things.


So home life has been home-bound, instead a lot of catching up on work/emails in the evening. Weeee, fun.  So I don’t have a ton to share.  I am going through photos though and batching them up to post for posterity.  Here we go, folks:

Pete had a birthday party one afternoon (lord, two weeks ago now?  I think?).  It was on the other side of town so we took Linus out for lunch while we waited.  I think that was one of the first times we’ve been able to do something alone with the little bugger where Pete wasn’t involved.  It was noon so everywhere had a long waiting list save for Funk’s Pub, so Funk’s Pub was where we went. They have a chalkboard wall for playing and a decent food, so it worked just fine.




Linus refused to sit in the high chair for our entire meal, he strongly insisted that he was a big boy and high chairs were for babies.  Okay then.  The high chair sat empty until we went to leave, then the wait staff took it away.  And of course, Linus cried.  Because THAT GUY TOOK MY HIGH CHAIR.

Yeesh, toddlers.

Pete’s dance studio had their annual performance at the Art Fair on the Square, so we headed out and took part.  Pete was about a million times more relaxed than last year, and everyone remembered their routine.  Total win.


Linus was antsy so Scott took him to the children’s museum while I stayed back with Peter.  When his performance was done we met up with them there.


(I know it’s super morbid but whenever we play in the Shadow Room it always reminds me of the Hiroshima blast shadows.)


I think the art room is my favorite. You can do all sorts of crafts and leave them there, they display them on shelves and tack them on the walls and ceiling.  I love to peruse all the art.


We hit up the Catch & Reel at Breese Stevens one evening. It’s a Friday event with fish fry and a movie.  They were showing The Force Awakens, so DUH we’re going.  I had to wait 30 minutes in line to get some fish fry and snacks (!), but the fish was “Wisco not Sysco” as they say (actual real dipped-and-fried-on-location goodness), so it was worth it in the end.  It was a nice cool evening too, no bugs, just perfect.  Wisconsin is a nice place to be in the summer.


A lot of kids wore costumes, and brought light sabers, so they all played in an empty area for most of the movie.  Linus stayed near us and watched and munched on popcorn.


That was pretty much the only planned outing last week.

We got doughnuts from Scott’s Pastry Shoppe last weekend, hopefully not for the last time.  This place is the best place for doughnuts in the metro, in my opinion. I know everyone dies over Greenbush, and Greenbush is good, but this place is better. Their dough is magic, like the perfect bready-not-too-sweet-and-super-soft kinda doughnut.  It’s hard to snag a cake doughnut there because theirs are so good they are gone in a flash.  But, anyway.  Enough glowing reviews. It also happens to be a mere two blocks from our home, and alas: the owners are retiring and closing shop at the end of the summer.  Sad face. Probably half the reason I am currently in the situation I’m in, but whatever.  #worthit.

One thing I did accomplish this week is to use up all of our latest CSA offerings. It started with our darling toddler pulling out my carton of (thankfully, hard-boiled) eggs from the fridge in a moment when we weren’t eagle-eyeing on him. He tossed them all around the kitchen, la la la what fun.  So I was like, hey – I’ll make some egg salad for sandwiches all weekend. And I’ll use up those purple scallions from the CSA!  And HOLY MOTHER OF GOD WE STILL HAVE HALF OF LAST WEEK’S CSA IN THE FRIDGE.

I sauteed kale, fennel, and garlic scapes with lemon, and put it in the fridge to toss with hot pasta for a quick weeknight meal.  I baked zucchini bread.  I tossed all the squash in my biggest pan with the chard and remaining scallions, and added some chicken sausages, for some paleo-friendly breakfasts.  I roasted the Brussels sprouts.  I sliced up the cucumbers and layered on bread with salt and butter for afternoon tea sandwiches.  In the end, I used up every last thing save for one.


We never got to those darn onion blossoms.  Yeah, onion blossoms. Have you ever been gifted with some onion blossoms?  Like, for eating?  Our CSA included some in our box as a “bonus”, and we never quite got around to them; eventually they just dried out so I tossed them.  I kept forgetting to “sprinkle them on salads” as suggested.  And all I found through Googling was Deep Fried Bloomin’ Onion from Outback Steakhouse and that doesn’t exactly apply. Like AT ALL.


They sure are pretty though.

And that’s about all she wrote.  My big plans for the next week are to stay on track with the healthy livin’, get some pictures up on the bedroom walls, and try not to murder my husband who is honest-to-God addicted to Pokemon Go.  I mean, it’s good that he’s out getting fresh air and playing it with the boys.  But GOOD LORD.  He is gone for “a walk” to catch the things seemingly every waking moment.


(Actually I can’t complain too much for finally having some time to myself, it’s pretty damned rare.)

A few photos of the boys I took real quick one evening.  They have too much energy to sit still for long so I gotta do it when I can.


That’s all she wrote.  I’m out.  Bob says have a good week.



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