Week in Review – 4 July 2016

Okay before we actually get to the good stuff: a Barre class update, because I know you’ve all been dying for that.

I thought maybe in the first 3-ish classes I was being overly dramatic and self-conscious (shocker) and things should mellow out with time and I’d realize I’m not actually the worst out there.

I am now 8 classes in and I can offically attest: yes, actually, I am by far the lamest Pure Barre person out there.  Everyone else is thin, perfect, and dresses well with nice blow outs in bouncy ponytails or expertly messy top knots.  They warm up like this:



Then they go on to do all the abs, arms, thigh work, and glutes like a pro.


(Honestly I know these might not seem so bad but YOU DO ISOLATED REPS FOR SIX FREAKING MINUTES STRAIGHT.  SIX. MINUTES.  It’s madness! Think about this level of hell I am describing, you guys!  “Embrace the shake” does not even begin to describe how my body is revolting by Minute Three.


So anyway as you can imagine, by about Minute Five I’m just like, screw it.  Screw it all I’m going to enjoy myself.


I have not fallen over,, given up, or cried yet, so I Win.  In all serious, though: I am not sure if this is my jam.  At least this studio, anyway.  I might try out a few different barre studios and see if the others are any different.  I have hope!  I really love the workouts, I am just not ballerina-y enough holy hell.  I like to eat tacos sometimes and don’t work out five hours a day, so I can’t keep up sorry.

Moving on.  So hey!  Linus’ daycare was closed half of last week so I was home with the dudes.  I scheduled in all kinds of massively awesome shizz.

Like: let’s take in a matinee!  It was actually Linus’ first trip to the movies at a theater ever.  It was super adorable because I kept catching Pete leaning over to whisper tips to him, like how to recline his seat or what was the best candy to order.  And I have to say, you guys: Linus is the best movie theater date like EVAR.  He settles in, never talks, never gets restless, is very polite and gives you your space.  We tested it by taking him again this past weekend, and it was the same perfect behavior.  If you ever need a movie date just call, he’s likely free.


We hit up a nearby Mexican ice cream shop, recommended by friends (thanks Erin!).  It was all it was hyped up to be, with cool ice cream flavors and lots of awesome popsicles.  I got the mangonada, it was… not my style.  I mean I get the flavor combo (sweet mango ice cream with savory spicy tamarind sauce), but I think I got too much sauce on accident because it overpowered ALL ELSE.  Salt City. Linus agreed, and this is a kid that drinks his coffee black and tries to steal beer from us.  In short: he has no palate. And even he was overwhelmed.


That ice cream, though.  Linus got strawberry and cheese and it was PERFECTION.  And Pete still talks about his fresh-grape popsicle.  So we’ll definitely be back.

We also hit the local pool for the first time ever! A major hit, as all pools usually go.  Also they have a sand-pit area with sand tables and all the fun accessories and I think we’ll be back a lot this summer.7-4-004

We hit up the fashionable East Side!

Okay fine, the boys had haircuts.  But! With Erin, the most stylish chick in Madison, at least.  Then we explored the neighborhood for awhile, checking out a few stores and walking around.  And got some drinks and chilled and screamed and waved at any dump trucks that drove by.

As you do, in hipster neighborhoods.


We hit up the Library, and finally got a decent start on our summer reading programs.  We celebrated our first reading goals by getting cupcakes at a shop near our house.


And after all that: we were a little overstimulated and decided to embrace our true Introverted selves (well, Pete notwithstanding, we all know he’s a crazy Extroverted type person).

Lots of play at home, indoors and outdoors and Linus has fully accepted his fatherly, motherly side.  He loves to make nests on my bed and play ‘birdies’.

He’s the mama bird, in case you were wondering.


Also we baked! Or at least made stuff.  Taquitos for the freezer, hard-boiled eggs (we go through these things like crazy weekly), 2 batches of banana bread, Kansas Dirt Cake, chocolate-chip cookies.  We made it all.

And we celebrated it all by worshiping at the feet of the garbage truck and recycling truck when they each visited this week.


Bubbles, water play, wrestling over sticks, painting.  We did it all.

(Also had microwave Ramen for lunches.  Why the hell not.)


Then I went back to work for two days and that sucked.  But then!  Another long weekend!

It was actually really mild so we didn’t do a ton of water play, no matter what the initial pictures show you. A high of 72F and mostly clouds does not make for a pool day, womp womp.


Wisconsin has pretty strict fireworks laws, so it’s best to just find a fireworks display and call it good.  Even those are sparse in the Madison metro (LAME) but we ended up out East at the Duck Pond and it served us well.  Live music, not crowded, beer and other concessions for sale.  Although we did get suckered into purchasing a $7 “lightsaber”, because all the other kids were running around in the outfield with them having a massive Jedi battle.  Considering we spend next to nothing on fireworks, I considered it money well spent.  Plus it kept the kids busy until the fireworks started.


The Fourth was cloudy, cooler, and overall not very Independence-Day-like.  We were going to hit the pool but mainly stuck to the house, and played outside, including some time with some snappers later when grilling. SNAPPERS SO FANCY.


It was Chicago dogs for dinner (well actually we grilled hot dogs, veggies, brats, chicken sausages, and hamburgers.  But we each had just a hot dog. Gotta grill to get us through a week of dinners, right?).

Scott was also able to find some chicken fireworks, but they didn’t even do the regular chicken firework thing and instead just blew up a balloon out the arse (??). It was very confusing.



That’s all I have for now, friends.  Have a great week all!  Will check in again next weekend, I promise. Finally I see a light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak, both at home and work-wise.

Peace out.


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