Week in Review – 26 June 2016

Two weeks since the last update?  Yup.  I have been really busy and didn’t even call my dad for Father’s Day because I am that awful.


I could tell you how work is awful (I am working during vacation days this week, yep) and the kids are crazy and summer stuff has kept me from having even a second of free time, but that’s all just excuses and I feel just like that really corny Harry Chapin song. Listen: shit is hitting the fan all over the place right now, not in a bad way but in definitely a crazy-busy way, and I apologize to everyone I should be in any way communicating with at this point.  I promise I am catching up and stuff and will text/email/call soon.  PROMISE.

Anyway!  WHERE WAS I BEFORE THAT NERVOUS BREAKDOWN.  Oh, hey!  We attended Soph’s birthday party again this year!  Again it was karate-rific, and Pete really enjoyed himself.  Linus stayed home with a 103F fever and we are just glad that illness is behind us, trust.


That was pretty much the only productive thing last weekend, because everything else was ruled by the whims of this evil chicken nugget.


You know how your parents threaten you that you will get payback in the form of your own children?  That is not a lie.  I am getting back all I served out in the form of this punk.  Pretty much the only time he was happy in the past week was when he was eating.  We didn’t even do any fun Father’s Day stuff, he was too… Linus-y.

God bless foodstuffs, because doughnuts and root-beer floats were pretty much the only happy times around here.


I mean I guess I got a few decent moments out of them. But don’t let these photos fool you or anything, that was all very fleeting.


(God bless Peter my Angel Child, GOD BLESS HIM.)

So, anyway, we aimed for a Father’s Day Re-Do this weekend.  It all went fairly smoothly.  First stop: Karben4 for their Idiot Factory special release.  We got the beer bread plate for snacking.  Pete ate all the walnuts and Linus ate all the dried cranberries, so it was beer bread gluttony for Scott and I.


We decided to hit up Lone Girl for dinner, give this new spot a try, but it was packed.  PACKED.  Over 1-hour wait for a table, and the place has been open for less than a week.  DAMN WAUNAKEE, YOU HAVE ZERO CHILL. So we gave up (because as awesome as Linus was at that point, there is no way that unstable Cheeto was going to wait over an hour to stuff his face with French fries).


We just did the fish fry at the Great Dane near our house.  Exciting?  No.  But easy breezy and quick.  That’s kind of what we were aiming for at that point.  Also you can’t beat the perch, ever.


I got my haircut and re-colored.  I was going to end the days of bright colors, I have been doing gray for a few months now but am ready to just try other things.  However, my dear friend and stylist Erin talked me into one last aqua, and I can’t say I am upset about it.  Turns out I missed those blue-greens.


Also! I have started taking Barre classes at a studio near the house. Spin is awesome and my absolute favorite but unfortunately, I have totally plateaued with those workouts at this point. So barre it is.

I am by far the frumpiest gal in the room. I have (MINIMUM) a good 20 lbs. on every last sister in my classes, I swear they are all former ballerinas. I am the only one not head-to-toe in Lululemon. There is this thing you do with a little red ball and I am lucky I have not taken out someone else’s eye while trying to “pulse” with it between my thighs. And! While all those other chicks gain a nice gorgeous sheen as they work through class, I am all red-faced and my body is RAINING sweat.

BUT WHATEVER. I am only 3 classes in but I am totally getting the hang of it and I’m going to make that workout my bitch. Just give me time. To be honest my legs/butt are handling things well, it’s the upper-body work that is, ironically, killing me.


(I have already lost my sticky socks however, thanks to my children using them as grenades in the living room and God knows where they are now, so I have had to buy a new pair. Three classes in.)


If I can be honest, I think the socks are a huge conspiracy and how they make the bulk of their money.

SO YOU KNOW ANYWAY. The rest of the weekend was just a lot of goofing off and trying to stay cool. It was damned hot this weekend, my friends.


And while the heat is totally annoying, it does mean Humidity Curls.  So I’ll just take it I guess.


(Also: butts.  Chubby toddler thighs and butts solve all the world’s problems.  Well, except for #brexit.)

OH!  And this week the Challenge is ON.  Daycare has been closed, 3 days last week and 3 days this week.  Scott took off last week and I did this week to cover things.  Last week he took the kids to museums, out for fun lunches, to the spray park, and to visit parks.  Oh, and he also found time to come up to work when I was crying about a flat tire and take care of that whole ordeal for me, taking off the Offending Tire and purchasing a new one and replacing it all while I worked away in my office.  With the kids in tow, and kept them happy to boot.  Well, my friend. You can’t beat me, I accept your challenge to make my week the Best Week Ever At Home With Mom.  Once I get this thing finished up I’m packing a diaper bag and making a freaking bucket list.


It’s on.


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