Week in Review, 14 June 2016

Sorry, this would have been done waaaaaay earlier except we got hit by lightning on Sunday. (Well, the house did through some sort of cable outside, not us exactly, that sounds terribly dramatic.).


Actually it was kinda funny because Linus and I were both in the kitchen, he was eating a doughnut at the table and I was standing a few feet from him, sipping my coffee and watching the rain outside, when suddenly there was an odd, insanely loud CRACK and all you saw was this white flash fill the room and while it was over in a second, when it was done Linus and I were glued together cowering.


No lie that is totally what we looked like.

Anyhoo!  Most things are on surge protectors but it still blew out some fuses and fried a few things.  Including the cable modem and Scott’s work phone.  Fun!  So I’m using that as my excuse for working on this so late, because basically we didn’t have WiFi for awhile.  It was all Laura Ingalls Wilder Life up in these parts for a few days.



It was a nutty week and I don’t have a whole ton of photos to show for it.  Pete’s birthday for one!  SEVEN.  I need to get started on the video, man.  That’s the next big project.

The usual decorating and doughnuts for breakfast, then we saved the official cake/gifts until his grandparents arrived later in the week.  He was surprisingly cool about it, for a little kid.  GROWING UP YOU GUISE.


Saturday was Peter’s dance recital.  He woke up early and excited.  I was dance parent again and I have to say: this group really wore me out this year.  Also we had some major tragedies.  (1) I bought a wee darling bottle of white wine to take along with me (approved, I tell you!) and I forgot it at home.  (2) I wore a pair of wedge heels I bought about 8 years ago, I was marveling to Scott in the car on the drive there that I couldn’t believe they were still kicking, because they were not only old but dirt cheap (I mean, pretty sure I bought them off Delia’s).

Spoiler: the first time I crouched down to help kids tie shoelaces, both shoes spontaneously snapped into pieces like the cheap knock offs they are.  Goddamn it.  So I have massive blisters from hobbling around the rest of my day in broken wedge heels.  (3) During the lunch break every restaurant in a 3-block radius was packed so we were stuck just running (okay: Pete skipped and I hobbled and cried bitterly while trying to catch up to him on my dying feet) down to the closest coffee shop to just grab a cold turkey-and-cheese bagel to split, and call it a meal. I mean Pete also got an Orangina and I got the World’s Largest cup of some damned-good cold brewed coffee so I guess I can’t complain too much.  God bless coffee shops.


The Chicago Vosges gods once again smiled down upon our dance studio, and sent up two different brands of chocolate for the kiddos to take home this time. SPOILED BRATS.  I mean it’s possible that of the two, Pete’s Roasted-Peanut-Butter-with-Wailua-Caramelized-Banana bar somehow got into my hands and went ::POOF::, just saying, that’s something that might have possibly happened.  And it was maybe delicious and worth every last calorie.  I mean that’s just a theory.

Nobody tell him.



Sunday the grandparents were visiting, so we planned on renting Zootopia to watch with them, take it easy, do the birthday thang. Then we got hit by lightning.  Sooooo…  no streaming anything.  Which makes life a little hard when you don’t have cable and stream EVERYTHING…  They ended up watching some old DVDs were were able to dig up (how novel), stuff like, you know. Cars (2006).  Or Pete’s dance video from last year.  TWICE.  (Poor dear people.)  We did do the cake thing and sing and open gifts, so all was not lost.


We hung around the house some more and hit up Ella’s Deli after dinner.  It’s weird and kitschy and I know people who call it “scary” but I’ve been going here since I was teeny tiny so it is something of a tradition and fond memories for me.




And there you have it.  Oh! And we picked up our first CSA of the year, which had lots of goodies: rhubarb and green garlic and asparagus and strawberries, also kale and spring onions and herbs!  German butterball potatoes! And um: 3 huge bags of different salad green mixes. So we’re eating plenty healthy in these parts, in fact I just spent $$$ at Metcalfe’s tonight on assorted veggies and proteins to add to them, because we have run low at home.  We are going to be so goddamn skinny, you guys.


And finally: Orlando.  I read story after story and just cry, and I am not usually a crier.  So horrific.  Read this and this and this, people.  Please.

(Actually: also read this about the very religious, very admirable Mr. Colbert.  Love that man.)

Much love, my friends.  Love all around.



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