Week in Review, 6 June 2016

It is about to be a crazy week – on top of work being a nightmare, we have doctor appointments, Pete’s birthday, Kindergarten graduation, family visiting, and we end the week with Pete’s dance recital.  June is always crazy for us, you guys.

BUT ANYWAY.  You aren’t here to listen to me flap my hands nervously on the Interwebs.  What happened around these parts this week?  It was also busy –  mostly with Pete’s dance dress rehearsal.  It’s a long day (and we’re in and out between dances; I gotta hand it to the staff, they have a looooooong day and stay cheery the entire time).

I am once again class Dance Parent, along with two other lovely souls.  Next weekend at recitals I am manning the first performance all by myself, and I have to say: I’m a little nervous.  We spent a lot of time waiting in our room, in hallways, on stairwells, and in the wings.  We had to soothe two criers, and one boy had a bloody nose just as we were taking them up to the wings.  One of the other dance parents wedged a rather impressive amount of toilet paper up his nostril and off he went, and danced like a champ.  OH. And we had one kid go AWOL a few times and I and another dance parent found ourselves sprinting through the underground hallways, popping heads into rooms trying to find him and texting parents to no avail/response.  Only to find out: his mother took him off to do their own thing, with another child she has in the dance studio, then just breezily brought him up to stage of her own whimsy.

I mean, fine.  That’s great, keep your kids together, that is fine by everyone. But for the love of God, let the actual Dance Parent(s) for that group know what in the hell you are doing.  Several people wasted a lot of time in a frenzy trying to locate a lost 5-year-old.  And then!  At the end of performances she never showed up to retrieve him, so finally after 15 minutes spent waiting for her, Pete and I took the poor kid and started wandering the basement until we located her. Totally breezily just hanging with other moms in a random corner, curling her other kid’s hair, not stopping her conversation for even a second to acknowledge us or make eye contact.  Totally frustrating.

Anyway. I did not take as many pictures this go around, mainly because there are twice as many kids in the class this year and lemme tell you: 15 small boys makes for lots of noise and shenanigans.  Fart jokes, loud talking, and I used the phrase “we need to keep our hands to ourselves” more times that day than I have in my entire life otherwise.  BOYS. I was able to bribe them by promising gummy bears after their performance, and let me tell you: kids love gummy bears.  Next week I’m bringing extra bags of gummy bears, some games, and plenty of device chargers. Oh, and Kleenex.

Pray for me.


Whew.  It was a busy weekend downtown as well, on top of the usual Farmer’s Market it was Cows on the Concourse weekend, and there was a car show down State Street.  But apparently the most important part was the random sidewalk pizza art, which we spent a good amount of time staring at.


Sunday was Peter’s birthday party.  By then I was beyond wiped out, so I was glad we ponied up the extra cash to have the location host it.  I was not prepared to come up with games and activities and try to entertain several kids for 90 minutes.  We booked a party at the local LEGO shop and it was a total hit.  It was later in the afternoon so we just put out a few snacks (and GUMMY BEARS, once again the first thing to go) and had Gatorade, which apparently at this age Gatorade is just like gummy bears to kids. A huge treat.

I made those cupcake toppers so you better appreciate them, dammit. They weren’t really hard (just melt some Candy Melts and fill the silicone mold) but there are only 6 dudes in the mold, and we needed them for both cupcakes and snack mix, so: I spent a good 4 hours one night making batch after batch of candy Lego minifigures.  I just kept going until I ran out of candy melts.  I think I had 90-some at the end, no lie.  CANDY MINIFIGURES FOR EVERYONE.


(Go ahead and scroll back up real quick and try to tell me the minifigure that Alex made doesn’t look like Walter White from Breaking Bad.)

(Then scroll back down and check out the spontaneous dance off the boys had at the end of the party. Two boys pretended to tap dance in their flip flops, and then the dance kids in attendance were like OH YEAH WELL CHECK THIS OUT and got up and performed their routine for this year, including trying to sing the lyrics. It was pretty hysterical.)


Linus swooped in once all the kids left and ate all the leftovers on their plates.  Like a dirty raccoon in a dumpster.  That’s my boy.


Okay I’m off, that’s all I have for you this week.  Pray for me, my people. Will see you on the flip side.


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