Week in Review – 30 May 2016

Okay I am going to try very few words and just pound this out because it’s after 11p and I wanna get at least a few hours of decent sleep tonight…


(Rude, Whit.  RUDE.)

Ummmmm I have this picture set but I took them mostly because the light in my room was doing that pretty waning thing it does in the evenings and his curls were on point and I wanted to record the arm brace for posterity.


The arm brace is already gone – it had been 2 weeks and some change and Scott decided just to give it a go without, see if he complained (neither of us could bear doing what the doctor recommended to see if it was healed, which was SQUEEZE IT AND SEE IF HE CRIES.  Like he’s an avocado.)  Anyhoo, he winced a few times at first when doing things but told us it didn’t hurt anymore, and this was a kid that became pretty enamored with his ‘big band-aid’, so it appears to be healed.  HALLELUJAH.

Let’s see let’s see…  Pete had a “Readers Program” at school this week, every child memorized a poem and then acted it out for all the parents.  They did a few other short plays from books, and all put on their SUPER READER gear and told the crowd what their favorite reading tip was.  Then they took us back to the classroom where they entertained family by reading to us from books they wrote.  It was long but fun and DAMN, but I could read exactly 3 words when I graduated Kindergarten.  Times have certainly changed.


Daycare was closed on Friday and had early pick-up on Thursday, so Linus and I celebrated his long weekend by stopping at the ice cream shop near my office and having a treat. Then we got home and Pete insisted on ice cream dessert and Scott was like WHY NOT because he didn’t realize we had a sneak-date with ice cream, and welp.  Linus pretty much ate his weight in ice cream that day.  You only live once, right?


It was a crazy week at work so I was super happy to see the weekend appear.  Except, rain was forecast a whole lot.  SUCK.  So Saturday we took a day trip to Chicago instead.  First a Portillo’s break for lunch.

(Linus stole Pete’s chocolate-cake shake, then once we cleared the table Mom stole it and sucked down the rest on the remaining drive to the museum.  FROSTING BITS AT THE BOTTOM ARE THE BEST PART.)


Pete wanted to go to the Lego exhibit at the MSI so we headed that way, then about a half mile from the museum he started crying and said he didn’t want to go.  Ahhhh, anxiety.  When we got there thankfully all the displays about the special exhibit got him excited and he and Scott went off to enjoy it.  They took pictures in there, like they do at some exhibits, and at the end when the guy was giving Scott the Hard Sell Pete picked up the package of images and spilled them all over the floor before Scott could decline.  Scott was embarrassed so now we are the proud owners of several different copies of Scott and Pete in front of CGI Lego constructions.  And Pete totally looks like he’s taking a mug shot.  It’s pretty awesome and expect a copy for Christmas, that’s all I’m saying.

Anyway.  I was kinda excited for alone time with Linus but we spent a good 90% of it at the model train area, chasing a few of the model trains.  Usually he’s a little more adventurous in this museum but must have been really feeling the trains that day. I was able to coax him away a few times so at least there’s that.  We hit up this museum pretty regularly on Chicago trips so there’s plenty of time to go through the rest again.


After the museum we slowly moseyed back up North to find some grub.


We ended up going to Piece for dinner.  I thought we were in Logan Square but it turns out we parked in Bucktown and then walked a few blocks to Piece which is in Wicker Park.  Chicago, stop being so goddamn confusing.  I can’t keep your hipster hoods straight.

Anyway.  We had some good brews and a great New Haven-style pie (featuring sausage from the now retired Hot Doug’s).  Linus spilled an entire glass of lemonade all over himself so I had to take him to the restroom for a sink-bath and to rinse out his shirt (he remained shirtless from that point).  Not a bad joint, that Piece.


The kids were antsy by the end of the meal so I took them on the walk back to the car while Scott finished his beer and paid the check.  We took our time and took a lotta pictures.  In Bucktown or Wicker Park, I am still not sure.




We headed home and ran into some storms along the way.  Just one tight line of storms, it rained maybe 15-20 minutes tops. They were rather intense which reminded me of Kansas.  Kinda miss that weather (well, minus the tornadic element).


Sunday we cleaned and did the usual chores and I tore apart and re-organized two closets and ran errands.  It was exhausting but done, guys. D.O.N.E.  (Messy closets are my ultimate pet peeve, so mine get cleaned at least semi annually.)

Monday I had an 8:30a spin class. Linus woke me up at 6am (what a treat, that child), and I took my time getting ready.  I was just about to force myself out the door when I looked at my phone at saw that Spin was actually at 8:00am. Uh, whoops.

So I took a shower and we all got ready and then headed to Brat Fest.  Or as Linus lovingly refers to it: Hot Dog  Party.  They spent a good amount of time in the Kid Zone, then we had our grub and saw the sights and finished off the day with a little more time in the Inflatables section.


We grilled and had watermelon and the adults had rhubarb crunch with ice cream and all was right with the world.

Oh, and the latest obsession with the boys are jokes. Burp jokes, knock-knock jokes, whatever. They are down and clearly find each other to be professional comedians.


Kids.  What a pain in the ass, but totally worth it.

Next week is INSAAAAANE so hopefully I can update on Sunday night.  Take care, all.  See you then.


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