Week in Review, 9 May 2016

So I’m bringing it to ya mother’s day style this week. That was the only day I had the time to relax and take some pictures. And that’s okay because I’m still awesome cause duh.



(Shut up I know what you are really thinking.)

Anyway. We got up early on Mother’s Day, everyone got themselves properly cleaned up and presentable, and then we headed to brunch at Jac’s on Monroe. We got there about 10 minutes early so we ran the boys off in the alley next to the restaurant, which helped them stay sane(ish) during brunch.


The French toast is insane, Peter and I split and order and Linus complained bitterly that he didn’t also get “cake”.

After brunch we hit up Olbrich Gardens with about every other mom in the city.  But hey, a tradition is a tradition and even though they were 2 temporary-lots-deep in parking, it didn’t seem crowded at all and we had a great time. I think we were there for almost 3 hours, if that gives you any indication of what a gorgeous day it was.




These two are already thick as thieves and I thank my lucky stars that they get along so well. Especially given the fact that they are pretty much exact opposites personality wise.  Pete has a lot to do with it honestly, he’s such a good little soul and bends to Moose’s every whim.  Spoiled child.

After Olbrich we headed back home, taking our time and stopping for a beer and some games at One Barrel Brewing.  Every time we head to the East side, I wonder why we don’t just settle there.  Such a great vibe.  Unfortunately it would mean a long commute and I miss my kids enough as it is on a daily basis.  WHY MUST COOL MOM STUFF BE SO HARD.


Then we wandered a little farther down the street and stopped at the Underground for some hot sauce.  I know that sounds dumb but they only had a few bottles left of this awesome local stuff that Jonny Hunter came up with, and I WANTED IT.  In fact I walked in and got penetrating stare-down from Mr. Hunter himself and it made me look away all deer-in-headlights-like.  I am sure the Look was because he respected that vibe I gave off of a stunningly beautiful intelligent and witty gourmand mother type person from the moment I entered.

Or maybe more that I was this, to be brutally  honest.



Anyway, whatever.  I scored one of the last bottles, suck it.  I almost grabbed some of his black garlic too, but that is way too far out of my league for general weeknight dining with children.  So let’s add that hot sauce to my Mother’s Day swag, which also included new workout tanks, a re-charge on my Spin Class account, homemade cards, some new air plants, and a bottle of Hennipen.  My people, they know me.  Consider me spoiled rotten.

The rest of the day?  I cooked, cleaned, did laundry, and scurried to get things ready for Monday.  The kids played with a giant tub filled with water, all afternoon into the evening.  And I got a few pieces laid out that I plan to get on the bedroom walls.


Not actually UP ON THE WALLS, yet, mind you.  But it’s a start.

So that’s all I got! I hope all my mom friends had a wonderful, lovely Mother’s Day.  We will see you again next week (I mean, maybe; you know me).  Until then: peace out.


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