Week in Review, 1 May 2016


Hi, I skipped a week!  Mainly because things were still at this crazy-busy level and I was so overwhelmed and I had yucky dental work (my teeth still hurt from it 14 days later!  WTF!) and then Pete and I got food poisoning or stomach flu or something like that, basically horribly disgusting mid-week, then Linus had some sort of high-fever crappy thing the rest of the week, so stuff was basically shot to shit. Probably the most exciting thing in the past two weeks was that we got a new roof at work.  We have a flat roof with lots of rocks (for irrigation I think?), anyway the most exciting day was when the Hurricane 6000 was busted out, it had a giant tube that sucked up all the rocks off the roof.  See that window it’s parked under?  That is my office.  2b5c8497-f46c-4817-97b3-44ad951cf8a4

Needless to say I was really ignorant for not working from home as was suggested to our department, and by the end of the day my ears buzzed as if I had just spent 8 hours in front of a speaker at Coachella.  I mean, I had in headphones and listened to podcasts all day and still my ears were ready to fall off.  Fun times.

I am not exaggerating when I tell you there is not much else to tell.  I took maybe 10 whole photos. The kids tore the house apart as usual and built forts and jumped off couches and Scott and I spent our time trying to spring-ify the house (begone, winter gear!), clean up the yard a bit, and take care of all of those dumb errands. No fun adventures, womp womp. Oh well, maybe next week.


I got the kids some donuts this past Sunday. Actually, I bought four donuts.  One for each of us, although I didn’t really need one to be honest (ugh, metabolism of old Nemmie, be damned).  The boys must have read my mind because they each stole half of my donut, leaving me with nothing, I was stuck eating Rice Krispies with milk. Rude.

Just for that?  I am going to point out that your recent hair growth reminds me of Blanche from the Golden Girls.  SO THERE.




So anyway.  Here are some gratuitous donut-eating photos.


In other news: Linus was a nightmare who spent every waking second destroying things.  Pouring yogurt on the floor, dumping basket after basket of toys, shoving things in the toilet, purposely destroying Pete’s LEGO creations, ripping plants out of planters…


At one point, I took the luxury of leaving him alone for a whole 5 minutes, then freaked out because I could not find him anywhere and OMG WHAT IF HE SNEAKED OUTSIDE AND IS DROWNING IN A CREEK RIGHT NOW. Instead he was lying in wait in my bedroom closet, and waited for me to truly lose my mind with fear before growling and jumping out at me.  DUDE, JUST NO.  Tonight he serenaded me with a long, involved song about pooping at daycare, then screamed angrily until I let him sleep with a giant plastic garbage truck from Goodwill.

I swear I am not making excuses for a future serial killer, but: he’s not even being mean, he’s just destructively curious and likes to play pranks on people.  Ugh. I am ready for the next (hopefully more responsible) stage of toddlerhood.  That’s a real thing, right?  Right?  Yes?  No.


Thank goodness my bedroom plants survived the wrath.  This week, at least.

Okay that’s all I have I am serious!  Just a quickie update without much to say except that: we all just keep on livin’, L.I.V.I.N.  Next week will be more exciting I promise.

Peace out.


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