Week in Review, 17 April 2016

You guys, I lack words, so  I am just dropping pictures tonight.  Actually!  No, you know what?  Newp.  I’m gonna write a few words. A few words on how last week sucked and how this week, too, was way busier than I expected, like crap going on every single weeknight plus I had commitments that meant missing more work than I’m comfortable with and oh then but guess what else?  I looked at the calendar for the coming week and wanted to die because there are all sorts of MOAR commitments/classes/appointments, including the fact that I totally forgot tomorrow I have to leave work early to get a new crown and a different chipped tooth worked on. Mouth stuff always hurts sooooo baaaaaad, and both teeth are on top so I’ll have to get that dreaded top-of-the-mouth shot with the giant needle.  HALP.  So hey but CAN YOU SAY STRESS.


And ask me how many times I made it to yoga last week. Yep, go ahead, ask…  oh yes. Zero.  The answer is ZERO.  I did make it to the office workout room three times though and Spin class twice this week, so it wasn’t a total loss. Too bad I’ve been so stressed that I’ve been shoving crap in my mouth hole at night in a stress-induced haze, meaning I probably cancelled out any headway the workouts and other healthy eating might have made.


So anyway.  That is my story and most of the words that I can muster, so I’ll just give you a quick rundown to the good bits:  I had a great happy hour with a former coworker and need to do that more often when she breezes into town.  We finally booked Pete’s birthday party and he’s super excited for it, like can’t stop talking about it and staring at the brochure, that level of excited. And I had to go to Pete’s school to take pictures no less than THREE TIMES this week (never volunteer for yearbook, you guys, never ever EVER), but I did squeeze in a few random ones of Pete and his buddies while I was there.

keller pete alex (2)

And! It warmed up, finally!  I think this was our last week for winter coats (fingers crossed).  By Friday it hit a high of 70F, then 76F on Saturday, and I am pretty sure low 80s today.  Insanity.  After a cold March and early April, though, I’ll take even the uncomfortably warm bits.


Friday we picnic-ed in the yard and Scott and I got a workout blowing bubbles for the boys for over an hour.  Who knew blowing bubbles would be so tiring? It is when you have energetic boys that turn it into a contact sport, my friends.


Saturday was the first outdoor market of the year, so we headed to the Square and took that in, as well as our traditional first-market brunch at The Old Fashioned.


The rest of Saturday and all day Sunday we played, went to parks, ate watermelon.  And played some more. And when I sent Scott out for diapers, he came back not only with diapers but also with a battery-operated bubble machine.  God bless that man.


Okay yep, that’s all I gots. Have a good day tomorrow.  I bet it will be better than mine.  (Jerks.)



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