Week in Review, 10 April 2016

OMG I do not know how I’m still alive.

Last week was a crazy one of many appointments, adult responsibilities galore, deadlines, and appointments. Somehow, we survived.

Tuesday alone was nuts – work, vote, take pictures at Pete’s school for yearbook, Pete’s school choral program, a dr. appt., then Pete had back-to-back dance classes.  Add to that: I bought a Groupon for 1-month of classes at a nearby yoga studio. So I feel the pressure to get my sad self over there several times a week to get my money’s worth.*

*Side note, oooooh, yoga.


I am starting to think I am just not a yoga person, you guys.  Classes are soooooo looooooooOOOOOOooooong.  And boring (sorry), I just cannot turn off my brain like that.  I need a nice heart-pounding workout that leaves me worn out and drenched in sweat; and where at a certain point I am so entrenched in pain and suffering, that I somehow get this moment of clarity where I mentally untangle whatever mess is going on in my life that day.  Oh, and also I want it to all happen in a lot less than 75 minutes (oh yes; that’s 60 minutes of yoga with a 15-minute meditation session and really bad wind-pipes music the entire time).  I mean sure, yoga is a good workout if you take the higher-level classes, but I also kinda suck at it at this point and can’t seem to remember all the different poses/names so I have to stick to beginner stuff for now.  Blah.  We shall see, I’m going to give it my all this month.  Maybe I’ll come around.



I did make it to Spin, and also to the office workout room two whole times this week, but both times I didn’t get my timing right and there were Actual Other People There at the same time.  Not only that, but they were very chatty, charming, outgoing people.  Which is pretty much an Introvert’s worst nightmare.  Listen: it’s not you, dude from Accounting and other woman from Membership, it’s me.  I just want to hop on my cardio machine of choice and sweat it out while mouthing the words to King Kunta.  I an inept at making small talk in this situation.  I mean, especially ME.  That’s not my forte.



Anyway.  The rest of the week went by in a whirlwind of stress, but there was one night where we headed to Sujeo, where they were having a special Honey Butter Fried Chicken takeover.  My camera was still stashed in the back seat from other obligations, so of course Pete decided he had to take some pictures.  I switched to Program and he went nuts.  About 100 photos in the time it took us to drive to the restaurant. Lordy.


All week we were excited for that fried chicken. Pete was so excited for fried chicken.  Then we got there and he ordered ramen; figures.  Oh well, the rest of us ordered the fried chicken and IT WAS GLORIOUS.  His loss. Also earlier in the week I messaged Honey Butter Fried Chicken to see if they would bring me up some of their hot sauce, and they were kind enough to do so.  Scott and I are kinda hot-sauce freaks and theirs is aged in old Bourbon barrels and it is GOOOOOOOD.  So I was pretty excited to get a new bottle to tide me over until our next jaunt to Chicago.


Here are a few pictures from the choral program.  Pete learned to wink from his grandma Muzzy, apparently.


And this one is from a quick snack down the street in-between dance classes.  Ice cream and French fries are a total acceptable ‘snack’, right?



The rest of the week was a blur, and then we hit the weekend.  It was mostly cleaning and other boring stuff, like errands. Scott replaced the brakes on the Soob and also took Pete to a birthday party. I was stuck with the human tornado during this time.

When he was napping and I put on a yoga fundamentals video (like a good little wannabe yogi), and at one point I saw a nude, screaming toddler streak by (wtf?) while I was deep in the Plow Pose and I kicked outta that shizz like a boss to chase him down, like I was 25 years old and limber.  Except I am neither.

So needless to say my lower back is all jacked up and I would like to blame it on that monster named Linus, who then proceeded to insist on using the potty (YASSSSSSS) but then, on the potty, after we read approximately 5 books, he started peeing and got excited and immediately grabbed his boy bits and sprayed pee all over the toilet. The floor. And meeeeeeeee OMG yes ME HALP HALP HALP.  So everyone got a quick shower and the bathroom was cleaned, yet again.  I HAVE THE CLEANEST BATHROOM THIS SIDE OF THE MISSISSIPPI.

Anyway here’s the little brat.  All up stealing my laundry basket and shit.


He’s showing off his guns in that last one, make no mistake.

And a few of Pete too, because hell why not.


Also it is Sibling Day and as soon as I heard that this morning (on Facebook, no less, because OF COURSE) I got all sad and sentimental and went down the rabbit hole of old CDs, digging around all sorts of old family photos.


I miss my sisters and bobo.  Sometimes I regret moving, I am home seeing them so much less and miss them all terribly. I won’t lie I got all sad and sniffly going through photos today.  I spent Way Too Much Time going through those photos.  But thankfully they are coming up en masse to take over Wisconsin this summer, so look out world. Beah and I already plan on making boob pancakes.  It’s all gonna be awesome. Here’s a few choice photos of my fab siblings.  Try not to be too jealous.


  1. If you want an approximate date of these photos, no need to look farther than my computer desk in the background. (Let’s say early- to mid-2000s).
  2. The last two photos are merely a year apart, and I’m just gonna say that clearly that plant really really liked that spot.

Have a good week, y’all.



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