Week in Review, 3 April 2016



He loves milk so much, and in this particular cup specifically, that he lovingly refers to the combination as “my milky”.  Much beloved, his milky.  Also we’d be in trouble if his pedi knew how much of the milky the Moose has been getting lately, but meh.  YOLO or whatever.

ANYWAY.  I did not pick up my camera much this week, like just barely today and that’s it.  It was an insanely busy week and we have another insane week coming up, so don’t expect much next week either…  I did make sure to take pictures of the boys’ fashion choices today.  Why, it’s Royals Opening Day, why ever would you ask…


It was so nice out today, guys.  The past week has been dreary and rainy and cold.  Yesterday was the weirdest, it would snow then sleet then snow blow all blizzard-like, then sunny and things melt, then sunny and snowing, then dark and snowing and blowing…  This was all in like 5- to 15-minute increments.  So bizarre. So needless to say yesterday was an inside day, and the biggest excitement is that I got my hair done.  Charcoal-gray balayage this time, because why the heck not.  Let’s wear the gray ironically before I wear it completely unironically because I have to.


Today started out chilly (34F when I ran up to the yoga studio at 9:30a) but by the afternoon it was GORRRRRGEOUS.  We ended up hitting 70F, sunny, just beautiful.  I had plans to do about a million things but you know what?  We spent most of the afternoon outside.  No regrets.  (I mean, I may regret it tomorrow when I still have bucketloads of stuff to finish, but no regrets today my friends, not a one.)  Linus and I picked up a crap-ton of sticks in the yard, clean clean clean, play play play.  Pete spent his time with the neighbor boys.


I sneaked inside at one point and, because the camera was still slung around my torso, I took a few random pictures as I walked through my quiet house.  You know how often I’m in the house alone?  Never, the answer is NEVER.


Then this crazy wind came in around 7p, and it’s back to cold for us for at least a week.  Blech.

And that sums things up.  I am signing off shortly, have to make sure the car is packed because I need to be out the door at 6am tomorrow to start off the nutso, crazy week of insanity.  Pray for me, friends.  And I hope your week is as relaxing as mine is sure to be chaotic.





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