Week in Review, 27 March 2016


Friday I got off work at noon and got started on some baking.  Pete helped with the traditional Good Friday Peep Krispie Treats.  We watched X-Files and he is kind of an addict. Well, as much as a six-year-old can be addicted to the X-Files, because there are approximately 4 episodes in the cumulative 10 seasons that would not give him permanent nightmares.  After we finished those 4 episodes we were able to find a show called the Odd Squad on Amazon, which is basically like X-Files for grade schoolers. So now he has a new show to add to his Watch List.


We dyed eggs on Saturday.  Pete helped prep the dye pots. Linus was obsessed with sniffing the pots before water was added, huffing the sweet sweet good stuff (straight vinegar).  He’d sniff and sniff and sniff, then sit back and make a Yuck face, then grab another container and repeat.  Weirdo.


Oh hey!  How about that March Madness! Saturday night was the KU game, Elite Eight baby. They, uhhhhhhh…


We had a great team this year, like I legit really loved this team (that happens sometimes, have teams that you will remember fondly forever), but they definitely had an off game.  And hey, that happens in the tourney, to 67 of the teams.  On to next year, right?

Anyway.  It was a good thing we had Easter to focus on.  This year we hid a puzzle in the eggs to lead them to their baskets.


Today went by fast, I dunno.  Faster than I am used to Easter day going by, anyway.  Linus had to change his clothes four times thanks to all the messes he gets into.  Food, soap, spilled Scott’s beer everywhere, at one point we found him spraying conditioner all over the bathroom, like ALL OVER. Cabinets, walls, mirror, counter, sprayed on every last thing on the counter, INCLUDING TWO OF MY PRECIOUS PLANTS, one of which is a pretty delicate type of fern…  Also he was kind enough to spray the hell out of the window and mini blinds, oh yeah. I spent a good chunk of time cleaning the bathroom is what I’m saying.  When I say this kid is a giant sneaky evil chicken nugget I am not kidding.  Do not take your eyes off him.

Anyway.  We did a fair amount of cooking, deciding to make the meal this year.  Deviled eggs as a snack, then a full-on KC BBQ spread for the big meal.  Smoked Berkshire ribs, cheesy corn, from-scratch BBQ beans, slaw, the whole thing.  And rhubarb pie for dessert.  Well worth smoking in the rain and spending hours in the kitchen.


This is the only picture of the boys in their Easter finery.  Linus’ diaper kept bulging obscenely out of the bottom of his Jon-Jon and Pete insisted on a tie that was a size 18 months.  They were quite the stylish pair. Also there is not a chance in hell that they will sit nicely for a photo anymore.

(PS, Pete insisted on getting that giant bear at a rummage sale.  He named it Candy and drags it all over the house.)


As a grand finale to this wonderous day: we went outside to break in our new bubbles, thank you Easter Bunny.


Yeah that’s it. Bye dudes.


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