Week in Review, 13 March 2016

First off: a very happy birthday to our girl Anne!  Finally a birthday on a Sunday, so I get to call you out on it in an update, in all its glory 🙂


HOPE YOU ARE HAVING THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVARRRRRR.  If nothing else, that gif will do the trick.

In other news: this week we played a little game I like to call Peter Mueller’s Day Off (if you know me anywhere else on social media, you’ve caught on to this fact already…).  Even in Kindergarten they teach you art history, apparently, and a month or so ago, Pete learned all about Van Gogh.  Which was kinda perfect, because Scott and I too have a soft spot for that crazy dude’s work (I mean who doesn’t, but we’ve been known to drive many, many hours away to go see exhibits of his work).  ANYHOO.  There happens to be a Van Gogh exhibit in Chicago right now, and you know we’ll use any excuse to drive down to it, so Pete played hooky and off we went to the City.


(Unfortunately, we didn’t time it with the von Steuben Day parade, but meh you can’t win them all.)

Linus went to daycare while we played, womp womp. He wore the most appropriate shirt he could find.


Even busted out his best mean face. So anyway: we dropped that loser off at daycare and away we went, brekkie snacks in hand.


And off to the Art Institute.  I was super-excited, I won’t lie.  I hyped it up to Pete and he was mildly excited (a good sign in a six year old) and it has been FOR-EV-ER since I’ve spent any time in the AIC, so YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY.


Looks like fun, right?  Except it was packed, PACKED.  On a Wednesday, folks.  Even the museum staff was stumped as to why it was so darn busy on a random Wednesday morning. And Pete does not do packed crowds well, so he moped, whined about being tired, wanted to leave,  I WANT TO LEEEEAVE, MAMA.  I was not impressed with his attitude, and told him we’d take him to sit in the car if he was going to be that way. Then I turned back to the art.

Aaaaaand then turned back around to see if Pete’s attitude had improved at all, only to see my baby boy cowering in the crowd with shoulders hunched, tears rolling down his face as he quietly cried.


And then I died because I am the worst mom ever, ever, ever.  I seriously wanted to die.  I was, by some miracle, able to cheer him up (more due to his sweet personality than anything on my part, I am sure), then we left the crowded exhibit  and just checked out the regular stuff. There’s still plenty to see and way less people, and he relaxed finally, which was nice.


Until he was hungry, and he let me know by jumping in front of my camera and giving me his best HANGRY stare down.  Okay baby, point taken.  Let’s work out way out and find some grub.


We went to Shake Shack, because it was just down the street a little bit and evvvvveryone raves about Shake Shack, so why not give it a shot.

Newsflash: it was Okay.  I mean, it was good, but it’s no In-N-Out.  The custard was the shit though, I had the one with an entire slice of Bang Bang Pie salted-caramel banana pie blended in.  That was some amazing shizz.  Regardless of Pete’s reaction.


This particular Shake Shack location is inside the Chicago Athletic Club hotel, so we walked around a bit to check it out.  The empty pool/ballroom was a particular favorite of mine. Also sorry for the glare-y face in the bathroom selfie, I was trying to concentrate on discreetly shooting from the hip.


You guys, that line in the picture is for Shake Shake by the time we were leaving.  It wrapped around the lobby out the door, well down the street.  FOR REAL. People!

We had a little more time before we needed to head back to Madison, so we ran Pete off in Millenium Park.


See that dude clowning behind Pete (well, to the right a bit)?  He legit stopped to talk to us afterwards and he and Pete got some bonding on.  I am so introverted and usually do not talk to strangers (that’s why I’m a City lover, you’re in big comfy crowds but people don’t bother you).  But this guy was cool, I’m glad he stopped to talk to us.

Then home.  Just in time, as we walked into our parking building the rain started and then fell most of the time in Illinois.


And that was pretty much the most exciting part of the week.  Pete told me when his teacher asked what his favorite part of the exhibit was, he told her how Van Gogh collected bird nests. That, my friends, is the one piece of information that stuck in his head (and he did indeed stare at the two Van Gogh bird nests on display for a long ass time, much longer than he did at the actual paintings).  Good old Pete.

Friday we rented movies, well actually on Saturday too.  The guys had a nice picnic on the floor with PB&Js and movie snacks, and they sure had a blast.  They watched The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out.



Scott and I rented Room one night (it’s a crier, folks) and Straight Outta Compton yesterday.  Last night I had a dream that I went to freshii with Ice Cube and we ate popcorn and when we got up to leave the restaurant, there were like 3-foot piles of spilled popcorn around our seats.  Then we laughed and took selfies with the piles of popcorn, to post on Instagram.


I know.

Sunday we bummed around downtown Middleton a little (well, we walked up and down the street, pre-rain).  Had lunch at our favorite local haunt, the basement of the Roman Candle.  Then spent the rest of the day indoors because rain, blaaaaah.  Didn’t even get to enjoy the extra daylight today, thanks to cruddy weather.


Oh man, that front tooth is ready to go.  Pete can bend it in all sorts of directions but it hasn’t fallen yet.  This was the tooth knocked loose way back last summer, so it’s been a long time coming.  I bet it doesn’t last to the end of the week.


I did however have plenty of time to make some salted-chocolate peanut-butter pies for Pi Day tomorrow (one for work and one for home).  Linus as usual played sous chef.

pmdo-014That’s all I gots this week, dudes.  Time to fill out my brackets because ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK IT’S MY FAVORITE TIIIIIIIIME OF YEEEEEEEEEEAR, YOU GUISE.

Peace, see ya next week.



  1. I’d assumed the crossed arms pose was Pete really getting into character. That’s pretty much what Ferris looked like when he was looking at the art. A Sunday Afternoon in the background even! Nicely done.

    Isla recently learned about Van Gogh too. Her takeaways was “if you are feeling that sad for one week that you want to cut your ear off maybe you should go see your doctor.” Sound advice.

    1. Yep, I talked him into The Pose, he wasn’t too pleased about the request, though (I’ve learned in the past year to just work with what that kid gives me, his days of taking instruction for photography purposes are long over…).

      That’s a solid take away on Van Gogh, Isla 🙂 No severed ears for that gal!

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