Week in Review – 6 March 2016

This week was not nice.

Monday daycare was closed due to our provider’s terrible bout with the stomach bug, so Linus and I stayed home together.  Ran some errands, spent a good 2 hours at Goodwill (no exaggeration you guys; this kid is serious about checking out every last inch of the store and I bought a cart-load of stuff to prove it.  He’s available for rental should you need a thrifting buddy at any time). We got home around lunchtime and the poor kid, he kinda faded from there. But he didn’t have a stomach bug, oh no.  He was lethargic, had a high fever, and suddenly had one hell of a chest cold.

Also his hair looked really really messed up.


Oh shit man, it’s the flu.  Like, That Flu. THE REALLY BAD, LONG ONE.

When Scott got off work I sent him off for supplies, like Gatorade and smack Ramen and Kleenex and those teeny slow-melt popsicles that seem to be the only thing kids will tolerate when they have a high fever.


So anyway, at this point we were all screwed, man; it was like Contagion.  By that evening I too was rocking the high fever, fighting off aches and chills and dizziness and chest cold from hell.  Scott was ill by the next day.  Pete, well: Pete never got sick.  Pete is usually the first to fall to this sort of thing, but for some reason he’s been our Lone Survivor this go around.

This stuff lasted all damned week. The worst was probably Tuesday overnight, when I was up most of the night not only taking care of a weepy, feverish, clingy toddler, but I was also running to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so to heave into the toilet, because I was so dizzy and had the stupid idea to actually attempt to eat something for dinner the evening before. Blech.  That was probably the worst night of illness/parenting that I have had to endure thus far, and that’s really saying something.


Anyway.  Sorry for those visuals, just: it was a really bad flu.  Linus was good enough to go back to daycare on Thursday. I finally went back to the office Friday.  And today, I think, was when Scott and I finally started to feel more like something resembling normal.  We cancelled lots of plans (like some MACN Chef Week reservations, I cancelled those just at 3am this morning after spending an hour coughing and dry-heaving some more, because THIS IS THE FLU THAT WILL NOT DIE), and it sucked.  I am ready for us all to be well.


So anyway, by noon I was feeling probably a good 80%, which means I really hit it hard for the first time in an entire week.  I did all the laundry, including stripping down all the beds because GERMS GERMS GERMS EVERYWHERE EWWWWW GROSS.  I cleaned the bathrooms (because, again, GERMS), the kitchen, took care of my poor neglected plants, meal-prepped for the week, went to Target and spent a shit-load of money, even cleaned out a (small) closet. You know I’m feeling better when I clean out a closet, yo.  So anyway: back at it, world.  Bring it on.

Oh, and I took about 10 pictures this weekend.  Mostly in a 20-minute blast sometime this afternoon, when Linus took a snack and Pete decided to pose really weird on the couch.  So: enjoy.


Next week, peeps.  We’ve got some Ferris Bueller-level action to share with you later, you just wait.




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