Week in Review – 29 Feb 2016

Welp, it finally happened.  Leo has an Oscar.


It only took about 22 years for him to get his Due from when he played Arnie and totally deserved the Oscar.


ALL HE HAD TO DO WAS GET MAULED BY A BEAR AND LIVE IN EXTREME ELEMENTS FOR MONTHS ON END.I am really glad he finally got that thing, or who knows what he’d have to do next.  Gay Holocaust survivor with Cerebral Palsy who overcame heroin addiction type roles are hard to come by, yo.

So hey I was going to fill you in on my amazing day of Bike and Bar(re)!  My spin studio was teaming up with their sister studio across the street, they offered an afternoon of spin, barre, and then bar (a wine tasting in their tea lounge).  I have never ever taken a barre class but have been dying to give it a shot, so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.


The spin class went as normal, except with 2-songs-worth of arm work (and you never drop the weights, straight from one move to the next in there, so: ouch.  OUCH).  But I rocked it out and was so excited for barre.  Dear little naive me.


Barre class nearly killed me.  I literally, literally shook my way through it.  My entire body was shaking to hold the moves probably 60% of my time there. The instructor had to come over and adjust my form a few times. I felt so stupidly weak, it was really sad.  I survived, somehow, but it wasn’t pretty.


Then I skipped the wine tasting because I could barely move and was so exhausted I didn’t think I would stay awake if I added wine into my system.  Also the last thing I need is wine, I need like salads and ice water and to get this sad body stronger so I don’t embarrass myself in future barre classes.  Because YES, I AM TAKING MORE, I WILL CONQUER YOU, YOU ARE JUST A DUMB BARRE SCREWED TO A WALL.


I’m totally doing it.

In other regular old news:  Boys.  Boys boys boyzzzzzzz.  Stealing my coffee bags and looking all grown and stuff (seriously though I just got Peter those pajamas a few months ago and they fit fine then; how are they too small already?)


We hit up the Kid Disco for the first time this year, finally the Disco date aligned with our schedules.  And by some stroke of luck: the Jayhawks were also playing, and were on all the TVs at the Great Dane.  AWESOME.  Wear out the kids AND see the Jayhawks play!  So it was a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.


TODDLERS.  We’re well into the gross bad habits and weird routines here.  Picking the nose in public?  OWNS IT.  Spills food on his shirt?  OBVIOUSLY MUST LIFT UP SHIRT AND CLEAN BELLY.  Toddlers alone are the perfect reason to breed, they are just pure entertainment of the best kind.


The warmth, you guys.  So lovely.  We drove around with the windows down, and spent copious amounts of time out in the fresh air.


It was windy and the slide was extra-staticky, which made for some amazing hair.


Never cutting it, nope.

I was mostly on Moose duty, but was able to sneak in some sweet-Pete pictures before we finally headed back home.  2-29-007

And then it got cold and tonight we get a snowstorm, huzzah.  So ready for spring you guys, it’s not even funny.

Also: Pete’s hair, sigh.  He got another cut, ordered more to be removed, like he’s some kind of independent person or something (GAWD), and it’s a bit short for my hippie-loving tastes.  (Also: ears are suspiciously larger than I recall).  BACK TO LONG HAIR WITH YOU, I DON’T CARE HOW CUTE THAT CUT IS.


Alright my friends, I’m out.  Have a good one, see you next weekend.



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