Week in Review, 21 Feb 2016



YOU GUYS. This is a week late, I know. I literally prepared all the pictures and abandoned it. However, I will bless you with these AMAZING photos now, before I sink into the couch with my super-sore ass (barre class after spin class, friends, is not fun times for the glutes). Anyway, sink, blissfully sink, into the couch with champs in hand. To watch the gown parade and then the awards, and watch all my sad Leo gifs one last time before they lose their meaning…








And those aren’t even all my favorites, I just figured you might be sick of seeing them already.

Good bye, Oscar-less Leo (or at least that’s everyone’s assumption).


Okay though!  Last week it was super warm on Saturday, cold on Sunday, so you get some inside-y pictures as well as some outside-y ones.  Enjoy.  Have fun.  Enjoy the Oscars. We will re-group tomorrow, promise.

And pray for my poor sad butt.


Holy crap, also!  We have started an undying love affair with Trader Joe’s Frozen Churros.  I just melt some chocolate chips and we dip away and OMG IF YOU HAVE NOT TRIED THEM YOU MUST GO OUT AND BUY ALL THE PACKAGES YOU CAN FIND.  They are that good.



Alright my friends, that’s all!  Carry on.


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