Week in Review, 14 Feb 2016

Oh, what a week.

So I was going to pop a bunch of Scully gifs in here because (1) she’s a MEDICAL DOCTOR (2) she’s an FBI investigator (3) she makes some good WTF face throughout the X-Files run (4) she’s brilliant and takes no shit and is not glorified as some sex object all the time with her boobs hanging out and therefore is most likely my most favoritest female to grace television screens EVAR, but: I’m tired yo and so you only get one.  Maybe another time.


God bless the X-Files Revival  (even if it pales in comparison to the original show).

So to catch you up!  I have the worst tooth luck ever apparently, because two of the roots on my dear old molar cracked, letting in bacteria, which not only gave me a raging infection and abscess but started eating away the jaw bone.  AWESOME.  This week I head to the oral surgeon to get the tooth out, prepped for an implant, and re-build the bone.  Wee.

Also work has been beyond nuts and also I’ve had a ton of appointments making my workdays even more shitty.  To say I was looking forward to the weekend would be an understatement.

I also took some pictures at Pete’s school – they sent home volunteering sheets at the start of the year and I offered to help with Yearbook, as the description mentioned layout work and hey, I can output a mean layout in record time, folks.  Then I found out it also includes taking photos of classrooms, so I spent a few days this week up at the school getting images of the kids.  While in Pete’s class I spied this awesome collage of kid’s portraits on the wall.


In Linus news: his hair is finally long enough for a man bun.


Valentine’s Day rolled around.  The boys got their usual balloons and chocolates (and some donuts this year, because it was the weekend, and that really means I love them because it was like a battle zone in the pick-your-donut area of the bakery, apparently everyone had the same idea).

Scott and I have officially morphed into the same person because we got each other candies and beer and cards making fun of our mutual love of spicy food and beer.


Back in the day Scott and I used to make a huge deal of Valentine’s Day, then we had kids and that shit was over man. But we did make it out for lunch, yet-another-goddamn-snowfall be damned.  (Oh yes, it has hit that time of year again, when everyone throughout the state or at least in my area, is over Winter and Snow and all the BS that comes with it. ONLY TWO MORE MONTHS TO THE THAW, YAY.)


We decided on Next Door Brewery and settled in for a nice brunch, beers and frites and Pete and I split the chicken-and-waffles plate.  He ate all the waffles and I ate all the fried chicken. Pretty much the perfect outcome as far as I’m concerned.


Then we got home, opened some more Valentines gifts, and settled in all hibernation-like.  Screw winter.


That’s all I have.  My muzzy has surgery tomorrow morning, say a little happy prayer for her if you have the time, thank bunches.  And also cross yer fingers that my tooth crap goes smoothly this week.


Catch ya later, kids.


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