Week in Review, 31 Jan 2016

Welp, I survived my 21-Day Challenge.  Well, not officially because there’s still about an hour left and who knows, a cookie could technically fly across the room of its own accord and force itself down my throat, but I’m going to officially call it and say: I made it.

And I lived.  Weirdly enough, not being able to have popcorn was the worst for me.  It legit made me sad to not have it, right up to the end.  Who knew I was such a closet popcorn addict.  I lost about 6 lbs, nothing drastic, but I have a lot more energy and have gained some serious muscle mass.  I lost inches errrrrrrwhere and am the strongest I have ever been in my life.  I’m not exactly fitness model material, but I can button my previously-tight pairs of pants, so: win.


I signed up (and paid, even) for this Challenge thing mainly because I felt it would be a good jump-start on healthy living for the year, but in the end it was well worth the twenty bucks I tossed at it.  There were 8 Main Goals to meet everyday, most of them I think are doable to keep in my everyday life now (pretty basic stuff actually that I tend to normally ignore like: no eating after 8pm, active at least 15 minutes/day, drink half your weight in oz. of water every day)  Long story short: fantastical diets suck, small lifestyle changes are doable.  Go, me, for once.


YEP DONE BABBLING ABOUT MY STUPID DIET NOW.  Just want to record that for posterity for the first time I fall off my ‘healthy lifestyle’ wagon.  (Pretty much tomorrow, I’m guessing.)

So what else happened this week! I went to a live-DJ birthday spin “party” thing (as much as being whipped into shape by an evil instructor equipped with a Nerf gun can be a party).  It was sweaty and my quads were killing me afterwards but it was, indeed, fun.  I sneaked my phone into the studio to take pictures/video but that didn’t happen, unfortunately.  I did get a photo of my glo-stick bracelets while waiting at a red light on the way home.

Then I got home, just as Linus was going to bed. He cried because I had face paint on and looked scary, apparently, but then stole my glo-sticks and fell asleep playing with them.  Considering we’ve been having a beast of a time getting him to sleep lately, that was amazing.  The next day Pete and I went up to the local Dollar Tree and bought all the glow sticks we could find, now we keep a pretty cup of them in the kitchen and Linus gets to pick out a few to take to bed.  Fingers crossed this is the miracle solution to that stubborn child’s problem.


On Saturday the temperature was at a balmy 30F when we decided what the hell, IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY LET’S GO ENJOY IT.  So off to the Zoo we went, along with half the town apparently (gawd, it was busy), because when it’s warmish in the winter you damned well take advantage, and all that.  Anyway. There was lots to see and the Polar bears were especially active and enjoying the temps.


The orangutans, though. Usually they are sitting around chilling, nothing exciting. This visit they were very affectionate.  Lovely to get to see it.



The rest of the weekend was all about cleaning, CHORES, mending (it took me over 2 hours to mend hems/take in work slacks/stitch up stuffed animal buddies that got a few tears. And there are still two pairs of pants to mend.  DON’T LET YOUR MENDING GET OUT OF HAND LIKE I DO, YOU GUYS.)  Took me 2 hours to prep for meals for my work week alone.  And to add to that: Linus has a terrible cold, so he’s been whiny and bratty and needy all rolled into one.  Ooof. SO ANYWAY: that’s my long-winded way to say that the rest of the weekend was pretty busy, for being decidedly not busy, and I can’t believe it’s already Sunday night.  Whew.  So enjoy the few extra pictures of the kidlets, including Linus in his favorite environment: nude.


Have a lovely week.  More to come later.



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