Week in Review – 24 Jan 2016

That picture above is what Linus was probably thinking when he heard I was going roller skating with friends.  SHUT UP JUDGEMENTAL TODDLER.  Hey guys!  I went roller skating! I did the math and it’s been approximately 30 years since I donned roller skates, so it was damned time to break that streak.

Of course, I brought along my partner in crime, Peter. I got home to pick him up to head up the skating center and he was already in jammies for the night.  Uh, no dude.

He got dressed and off we went, and can I just say: we rocked it.


My friends were super patient with us, even though Pete and I went at our own herky-jerky pace and Pete bit it a few times every go around the skating floor (then we had to leave and he’d recover by snarfing some Skittles and talking about his feelings, then we’d go back out.  Ad nauseam.) And then at the very end, after we had headed back up to the carpeted portion and were making our way to the lockers, completely wiped out.  It totally looked like this, except on a carpeted concrete floor with zero padding, so I pulled my right quad, and jacked my wrist.  Awesome.


I wasn’t even cool enough to be kicking a ball.  I just fell trying to move.  Go, me.

So anyway! I skated, for the first time in decades! I didn’t break a hip or give my old-lady self a deadly blood clot! Aside from injury-related pain, I didn’t even have muscle pain the next day! I totally encourage everyone to pick up roller skating again, I’m on a crusade to bring it back.

Also it is great for wearing out even the most high-energy of children, as evidenced by the fact that we got home and I told Pete to go put back on his PJs and five minutes later I found him dead asleep in my bed. Which has not happened in years.



So yeah!  That’s the big story o’ the week.  Oh, also I had a hair appointment and now I have a nice ombre fade to blonde, with silvery blue tips. The blue will slowly wash out, I won’t lie I can’t wait to see how it shakes out. Nothing like a lady pushing 40 intentionally adding gray to her hair, amirite.


So that’s for real all the interesting things.  I have been busy with work, with running the boys around for appointments and classes in the evenings, packing lunches and baths and bedtime and holy shit, but I feel like I spend half my waking hours preparing kid snacks.  Then in-between all that we squeeze in a little housecleaning and I might shoot off a few photos of the kids.  And maybe some sleep.


I have given in to Linus’ coffee obsession and just started making the kid his own damned cup on the weekends. Unlike mine his has plenty of sugar and milk (Muzzy style, as I like to call it), and he enjoys it quite a bit.


Pete plays Star Wars Legos pretty much 90% of the day.  Thanks to Anne and Muzzy’s Christmas giving, he’s all set. Our kitchen table is usually half covered in creations and elaborate battle set ups.


(He’s Anakin in his Naboo speeder in that picture above.  Or something like that, I am unsure if that’s the actual correct terminology…).

I bought Moose a one-piece European/Scandinavian sweater romper of AWESOME for the holidays, and I make sure he wears it as much as he can for as long as he can.  But I don’t send him to daycare in it, because she’d probably want to murder me with all those snaps/buttons at diaper changes, so pretty much he rocks it every single weekend.  When I put it on him he’s all “HA HA HA LOOK MAMA I’M A BABY!”.  That’s right young man, own it.


Aiiiight that’s all I have.  Maybe one of these days we’ll have a pretty snowfall (hardly) or some actual daylight the next time I randomly bust out my camera, so I can share something of substance.



Okay peace out.



    1. Don Draper with Woody Allen hair, that’s Liiiiiiiinus.

      Also had no idea who Rhett and Link were, just snapped up that gif from online, but I think I know what I’ll be watching this evening…

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