Week in Review – 17 Jan 2016

Just a few of the boiiiiiise.  It was a crazy busy week so to be honest, I’m shocked I was even able to patch that together. This coming week looks to be just as busy (so much for a slow January…) so I hope you look forward to whatever else I can scrape together for you late next Sunday.

Also because I know you are all DYING to know: week 1 of my 21-Day Challenge is finished and I did not kill anyone.  Go, me.  Actually the workouts are (believe it or not) fun, the supplements are fine, the daily food totals are fine, I have no problem with the no-sugar and no-booze. I love me some Sriracha, but I’m even handling the loss of that one with grace (Franks, you are a poor substitute, but you will do).

But oh!  The no carbs, you guys.  It makes me absolutely batty, I honest to God think about them A LOT.  A LOT.  And get really sad that I can’t have them, still.  I hope I can make it to the end without losing my shit and overdosing on croissants in some dirty alley.


Okay enough of that.  On with the show. See you next week, punks.

-PicMonkey Collage-001

(And yeah, I just got the Christmas stuff packed up and jammed into a dark corner of the basement this weekend, what of it…)





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