Thanksgiving Kansas Trip Part I, 2015

Hiya. Because:

1) The Golden Globes are on and dammit, I am focusing on that;

2) It’s early January and I have serious issues with actually coming out of my working-on-resolutions coma to take any photos; and

3) I am starting this healthy living “challenge” thing tomorrow which includes a strict Paleo-esque diet and workouts every single day. Workouts from a CrossFit trainer. So I’ve been too busy roasting/baking/boiling eggs and chicken and sausage and sweet potatoes and root veg and green veggies galore in anticipation of this magical time. Also tonight I am busy stuffing myself on all the delicious things that are not allowed in the coming weeks, like those sweet sweet carbs and all the death sugar I can fit in my mouth. Pray for me, my friends. Paleo-type diets have never been my jam; I get hella grumpy. So I guess actually  don’t pray for me, but instead pray for anyone who dares to make eye contact with me.

ANYWAY. I have like, this picture and that’s pretty much it:


Enthralling, I know.  BECAUSE OF THAT: enjoy some goodies from our last trip to Kansas. Just a wee taste of the fun to come – I’m splitting it in two bits to make it easier to finish up.  This gets you through the drive down and time in Lawrence/KC.


I should mention now that we left a day earlier than planned, thanks to bad weather.  A foot of snow was forecast in Iowa, which means it would have been rather undriveable (Iowa in a snowstorm is no bueno, man) so we took the looooooong way around, going well into Missouri.  And we made it, and only saw snow for about half an hour.  Awesome.

We were going to try to just beat the worst of the storm and stop for the night, but then we were all like EFF THAT, we wanna stop only when we are done so we don’t have more traveling hanging over our heads, so we drove on until late at night, scoring a hotel in KCK.  “Near the Speedway”, according to the online description when I booked it.  SNORT.  It was nowhere near the Speedway but whatever, you know what? It was clean, the WiFi worked well, and we didn’t get food poisoning from the free breakfast.  So that’s a winner in my book.


The next morning, with an entire extra day at our disposal, we decided to spend the bulk of it in Lawrence. First stop: 1900 Barker. Uh, can I vent for a sec? Why is it that we move, and suddenly our old little neighborhood gets (1) a decent charcuterie, (2) a new fancy grocery store upgrade, and (3) a super awesome coffee shop that is in walking distance of our old house? WHYYYYYY?

Not like I’m bitter or anything. So anyway: we stopped at the super awesome coffee shop, and got two cups of joe from our favorite roaster in PDX (heart coffee yassssss). The boys got a chocolate croissant, and ta da there you go. And it was all quite lovely. GODDAMN WHY DID THIS PLACE OPEN AFTER WE MOVED WHYYYYYYYY.


Next we thought, hey! We’ll take the boys up to Allen Fieldhouse and take them to the KU Hall of Fame inside! We have wanted to do this since we moved but could never carve out the time. So we show up and we’re totally juiced and the kid running the show that day, he tells us “sorry, we close during football games, so we’re shuttering in 5 minutes”.


So that was a massive bummer, but we stuck around outside and took some pictures with Old Phog so at least there was that.


Then we went downtown, and popped in at our favorite shops.


We decided on Ladybird Diner for some lunch.  So many new spots to try, but we were really just looking for a light snack type thing, and this spot fit the bill.  We did have to wait for a table, which we did outside (and Moose, he was not pleased).

Before we knew it we were seated, though, and the donuts: they live up to the hype.  I am a bit of a donut snob, I get that the kitschy ones are cute and all, but I want an actual delicious donut.  And these are actually delicious.  As was the chili-cheese fries, and their beer selection is pretty damn solid.  (Also: they serve the cans in hand-knit koozies, I DIE, FINE YOU CAN BE MY NEW BFF.)



A little more running around to burn off all those delicious calories, and then we hit the road to KC.


We had Joes for dinner, because: DUH.  Then we had Sylas and Maddie’s for dessert.  We generally do not have the luxury of meeting up with actual FRIENDS when we visit, usually we can squeeze in some quick Nikki time (in Pitt) and pop in to see Tim when in Halstead, but truly that’s it.  But with our new schedule, we had time for a quick date with Julie’s clan, which was nice.  And Pete’s always happy to see Bridget.


And that, my friends, was the end of our one, magical extra day in Lawrence/KC.

The next day we were scheduled to drive down to see my parents in Pittsburg, but first: brunch with my bobo Paulo.  We met up at Rye, and had some deeeeelish comfort food.


That fried chicken, man.  And the mashers made with cream.  And red-eye gravy. And Roasterie coffee!  SWOOOON.  It was a good meal, with good people, and then away we went.

Update on that next I swears!



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